Through the water control to complete the plastic products quality source control

We found that casting the plastic products, it need for water right amount.  If there is no suitable water, you can not produce high-quality materials, there is no quality of plastic products, all the problems from the source.

If there is no suitable water, it can not produce high-quality materials products.

Plastic particles around too much water will weaken the structural integrity of the plastic, so that transparent plastic becomes turbid, and damage to the product’s finish, too little water will cause the product is brittle, easy to crack.

Many of our customers come from the medical, automotive industry, they can be said to the product appearance requirements are too strict, so we need to know if you are using a good plastic.

Any kind of  Chinese plastic company to control water is a headache problem, the technology is not mature, production costs increased, slowing the production process.
Plastic manufacturers usually use a dryer to reduce the moisture in the plastic particles, dryer can not test the water, casting into an expensive test and error process.

In order to solve this problem, the United States, Europe and China corporation have developed a new moisture analyzer that can determine the moisture content of your plastic before they are cast.

The invention of these devices allows a test to be done in a few minutes, rather than the traditional way of doing it and giving you the time to make a decision on the sample information.

You can pull the resin sample from a drying rack, quickly determine the water content, and know whether it is ready for injection or not.
The production workshop able to test the moisture content between the drying furnace and the injection process, and allow the quality control to manage the defects before the potential defects occur.
This new discovery means that fewer products are thrown away at the end of the line, and less energy is wasted.
In such a process, the value of the speed of a moisture analyzer is not only convenient, but also to ensure that plastic does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere, when you wait for a test.
It is based on the statistical analysis, which is particularly useful when the test, with the time move, usually tester is an easy-to-use programming tool, which means you can spend less time and more time to prepare and test production.
All of our test models are made of tough material to withstand the harsh conditions

Cnmoulding believe that technology updates will inspire new ideas, new technology will greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, the use of plastic water analysis, so that the price of plastic manufactured goods is lower, the quality, the higher the efficiency.


The Internet provides custom mold making service as a demonstration version

The Internet provides service of custom mold making, cnmoulding can be used as a demonstration version.

Companies to provide plastic molding services in various industries, such as automotive, medical, transparent products, we use the Internet and customers around the world to keep in touch.

Rely on the production base in China, in the use of the latest technology to develop and provide customers with plastic mold manufacturing around the world.
According to customer specifications custom mold making , because of  use the Internet to reduce time and cost for mold manufacturing design and engineering.
Through the Internet e-mail to send drawings, SKYPE for online communication, to provide customers with a complete set of plastic injection services.

Efficient work system

After receipt of the drawings, tooling department submit offer within 12 hours for the project, and the tooling engineer received from customers of the purchase order, to provide 3D mould design drawings within  2-3 days, mold flow analysis, and according to customer needs the file format by e-mail to them.
Once the drawing is approved by the customer, they begin to make the mold.
When the customer approves the plastic molded sample, according to the customer’s request, the mold will send to the port of the world.
Because of the popularity of the Internet, the work is just as easy as you work with door neighbor.
The company’s owner Kennyhan revealed that this whole process from the mold development and final delivery has become the standard production process for the export of the mold industry in China.

Internet based mold development is faster, strictly comply with the customer’s account, to provide qualified injection molding products on time to reach the customers hand, there is no one minute delay.
Strict drawings and sample approval process to ensure the delivery of plastic products in full compliance with customer requirements.
In addition, we also provide a complete freight forwarding, either by sea or by air, express delivery services will be delivered to our products in any place in the world.

All kinds of supporting logistics support work

Cnmoulding molding maintains a systematic and transparent program that enables customers to control the quality, cost and production cycle of the product.
Faster approval process will be faster plastic mold design and manufacturing with guarantee.
The company has a wealth of injection mold design experience, to provide customers with the product re-design, can significantly reduce the cost and cycle of mold manufacturing.
This is the cause of every industrial customer can rely on our production technology and product quality.
Using the Internet, Cnmoulding as an industry standard, and constantly provide convenience and a simple way to get customized tooling manufacturing for customers from all over the world

Accessories for your new iPhone 7 case

Accessories for your new iPhone 7 case

We learned about your iPhone 7 ,mobile phone business from the market.
And the services we provide may be a small part of your new iPhone, our creative fast mobile phone accessories custom service independent of any other Chinese plastic injection mold manufacturer.iPhone case plastic part

If you pick up a new iPhone 7 you intend to do so, then you may want to know what you should go with it. After all, no headphone jack, a new camera, and a new version of iOS 10, you may also need to have a shell with your unique personality.
You have a picture of you, your child, your parents or your pet. You may choose any color you like. This is what we are going to do and our service.

A new iPhone 7 case iPhone case iPhone cover

the new iPhone 7 looks very beautiful, but no difference between the other iPhone 7, which is not an independent personality of what you want. It is still necessary to add some special decoration, which is the role of mobile phone shell accessories, gorgeous color, attracted our eyes.

You can give us the color you need, then you will get exactly the same color product, and your expectations are exactly the same.If you cover up your new phone perfectly well, Cnmoulding customized “sturdy armor” chooses the most rugged Polycarbonate plastic materials.

High precision injection molds manufacturing, ensure the armor completely fit the mobile phone protection, comprehensive and efficient, to avoid damage caused by any accidental appearance of mobile phone, my friends think you have been using a new mobile phone so far, iPhone case accessories we produce, without any fault fade phenomenon.

Thin clear transparent iPhone caseiPhone case design by china injection molding companies

Has a thin transparent iPhone.
If you choose black iPhone 7, you can gaze at the smooth black surface, and don’t leave your mark on it.
Ultra thin clear transparent mobile phone protection shell will be your first choice, ultra-thin or clear transparent plastic injection molded parts, are technically demanding plastic products, the entire mold development process can not be 0.1% of the error, any solder joints on the mold are the products of regret, china injection molding companies dare to challenge this difficult mold production, if need to be completed in a short period of time, it is impassable challenge, but when the custom ultra-thin transparent iPhone 7 you need, we will give you behind you. To ensure a comprehensive technology, designed for thin transparent iPhone Accessories production team, we accept  new custom drawings come at any time.

Molding Flash & Flashing is one of the most important potential problems.

Flash & Flashing occur

Flash can occur during injection filling  or during the pack/hold stage, and it can occur any kind of conventional parts ,especially easy happen of thin-walled parts with high MFI material . Discovering in when flash occurs helps to be responsible for the problem simplification . A simple test is to bring the pressure to the minimum the machine allows, Limitations lie is the plastic pressure  should be below 500 psi . The aim is to see the effect of just barely filling the cavity. First step is injection fills 92% to 99.9% of the part, but the cavity is full then stop there. At the minimal pressure level we can easy to inspect  If there is flash happen on the short shot,then we should do is  focus on parameters adjust during injection. If no flash happen after a short shot, then we should go to another way to adjust the transfer point to avoid over-filling the cavity.

molding flash


When designing your plastic parts, as far as possible to reduce the thin-walled section, resulting in a thicker wall section, the entire product into a uniform wall thickness of the parts.

The rapid change in wall thickness is the most common cause of flash, due to the production process of plastic materials under pressure, through the liquid state to fill the injection mold.

If the product design in the thick and thin wall thickness of the part is necessary to exist, the use of different injection point to help the flow of materials.It is very important to control the location of the gate, especially in the tight tolerances of the plastic parts.

Flash of an injection molded part can happen for several reasons – slight variations in the material, pressure, speed, injection mold process and/or problems with the tooling itself.

For example,The sprue bushing is one of the reasons that can not be ignored.Need to know is that nozzle contact forces can range from 5 to 15 tons.If the thermal expansion makes the critical distance sleeve “growth” out of the parting line, the nozzle contact force enough to move the mold side, resulting in flash generation not only mold precision will produce flash operation,The operation of the injection molding is the same as the source of the problem, the mold should take advantage of the length of the hot runner bushing inspection, into the standard of each production.

Through analyze every stag of the injection molding process at our company, and ensuring consistent stress free manufacturing of your custom plastic parts.Our process engines allow us to produce tight tolerances parts for all of our customer.

Speed Up Your Development Cycle and Save cost 30%

It is true to use a unique plastic injection moulding company from Shanghai, China!

You can not imagine the situation, than you are in your own domestic procurement is faster and more reliable. In practice with 20 years of export, we have professional English translation ability, there will be no language barrier, you will get almost immediately to the problem or problems in response to rapid tooling is product development you need only a few days, the development of new projects will be faster, more reliable, you won’t have to worry about quality or copyright issues.

You will get our offer of quick interactive quote service, speed is the key factor in the success of the market to get the project, there is no excuse to the customer, you need to wait a few days to get a quote. Make sure your preferred mold supplier can take your offer in a day.Even if you haven’t finished drink your coffee, the offer is in your hands.

We have some tips to help you easily achieve, to help reduce your development costs 30%, to provide you with the development speed up to 50%, due to the traditional manufacturing industry.

Make use of the manufacturing analysisuniqueness injection moulding system is the correct manufacturing process for your project, you can quickly solve the problems in your area, speed up the production process, the quality will be as expected and negotiated..

One time free re-design -We know that some of the complex parts are designed to communicate through interaction with the engineer. If it can be molded plastic, we can do it. If it can be changed, we can help you to update the design , unlike some of the plastic injection moulding part manufacturer , we will not ask you to redesign your part, and more work to be done by us.



in plastic injection molding industrial, it refers to part features that prevent straight ejection at the parting line, which cause much mold complexity and lead to higher mold construction and maintenance costs. Whenever it’s possible, redesign the part to avoid undercuts. Minor part design changes can often eliminate undercuts in the mold. For example, adding through holes can give access to the underside of features that would otherwise be undercuts, simple modifications enable the mold to form a hole in the sidewall rather than with a side-action mechanism.

  • Side-action moulds are available with our standard manufacturing time of 5 working  days only. we always give customer most quickly service than any other company in china, actually more quickly than US, or Europe injection molds maker.
  • Side Action Support for Simple Undercuts or complicate undercut with difference manufacturing way.

At Cnmoulding  any number of undercuts we have the capability to produce your custom parts design. Our precision mold making technologies allows us to provide you the highest quality service , it will delivers the most complex plastic injection molded parts in the industry.


  • Injection Molding Undercuts ,the features is we don’t make it on the parting line area, it will cost much high fee and not easy to finish ejector part out.
  • Undercuts typically lead to increased whole injection molds complexity , it can lead to higher invest a mold construction costs as well.
  • The use of the most simple product design, do not add too much ribs, you can save the cost of the mold, so as to better design of plastic parts and more efficient molding process

Either an internal undercut or external undercut construct, when mold design it  requires an extra a slider or lifter structure to capture the detail of it. When an undercut feature cannot be removed from the part design, the tooling will most likely require for example hydraulic cylinder mechanisms  or gas assistant mechanisms to help facilitate the ejection out.

Know about knit lines

About Knit Lines

The plastic injection molding process is simple standard job , plastic raw material  is heated to its melting point ( for example ABS resin), it was forced into your injection molds to produce your plastic parts through injection molding machine. The molten material is often the coolest surface and to solidifying at all of leading edge .

Knit Lines

When the molten plastic meets an obstruction, then the flow resin must travel around and meet at the other side.  It can easy happen knit lines on plastic parts surface when they meet past an obstruction, If the plastic has too much cooling  during the plastic injection molding process.

Cnmoulding technicians try to minimize any knit lines, but we must balance this with other challenges like avoiding sink mark or blush, to achieve the perfect surface. So what we can do to help avoid knit lines happen when designing the new part at beginning.

Here are a few things should be consider.

  •  Big thickness part design will slow down the cooling rate of the plastic resin ,so help to improve the appearance of knit line.
  •  Difference plastic resin selection is one of variable quantity. Fiber glass resin have less knit lines than normal materials,Fiber rought surface will cover knit lines. In fact, additives like flame retardants, lubricants and mold releases can further exacerbate the problem.
  •  Cnmoulding will optimally place the gate so that the knit lines are minimized ,usually it should move to a less critical area through improve our job.

If you are concerned about potential knit lines happen in your new project ,use CAE software to analyze mold flow of your part and address any design issues that can be easily modified, and review similar plastic resin that may be good way to show knit line position there. Remeber ,good industrial design and injection mold design, improve right gate point , knit line can often be reduced easy.

World trade association data show china not simple workshop in plastics industry

China vs Us in plastics industry

China is not simple workshop of plastics industry in the world

If you come to Shanghai, and stay for a long time, your feeling is, America has to face the challenge from China, China is not the simple production workshop in the world. Companies such as Apple, China has become a part of the manufacturing chain, people around the world to order Apple products that produced in China. Chinese picture in the plastics industry is more beautiful. The moment of a news, Chinese stock Corporation, home appliance maker Haier Group acquired general electrical appliances, home appliances with Manufacturing plants and 12000 employees. Haier group’s strategy and strategic thinking direction in short, it is like any large multinational manufacturing company. At the same time, due to the problem of the exchange rate, a large number of Chinese companies are all over the world acquisition, which and the plastic injection molding industry related news, plastic chemical acquisition of German plastics machinery giant Krauss Maffei group. Since 2000, China has been the world’s largest injection molds and plastic products market, not only is the price, China also has some of the best technologies. Therefore, from this point of view, the role of Chinese injection mold, has not made at least the profit of the industry supply chain link.

Western people  view of china plastics industry

Western people generally have a point of view. China is still a challenge, but also often want to write their own rules, and do not comply with the rules of the past, like the United States Wild West, for example, in intellectual property, especially for smaller manufacturing companies. Not long ago, American mold equipment supplier progress components company, submitted a complaint against China local company selling fake products. Presidential Gelunsidake progress components of a company’s estimate, the company 80 percent of the products and the company’s name. In China all is fake. Despite the many aspects of the reform in China, in the aspects of intellectual property rights, China has not made sufficient progress, so they are worried that China’s reform can not continue. But the Chinese plastics industry market is full of temptation, no one is willing to give up this market. Snap this market, which for most global company seems to have enough.

We to the data speak,  Last year, the German plastics industry and rubber machinery industry to the United States and China issued the same number of machinery and equipment ($7 billion to 8 billion dollar value). Germany is the world’s largest plastics industry machinery exporter, for the United States, China is the largest export market. According to reports, China’s domestic plastics industry market is about 8 billion usd annual, compared to the United States market, According to industry experts estimate that the value is only half of it. The size of China’s plastics industry market will naturally create ,some of the very global competitiveness of the company. They have hone their teeth in the domestic, and now they began to take risks. China’s injection mold is still full of vitality in the world in plastics industry market. Last year, China’s demand for plastic has increased by ten percent. Now a popular saying, to bring manufacturing back to the United States, some argue that some of the manufacturing sector is leaving China to other low-cost countries. But no matter how much reflux really happened, China is still a strong force in the plastic injection molding industry. At the same time, Louisville, Kentucky, Ge appliances factory headquarters is mentioned in many media reports data shows an example because it increases the thousands of jobs. Haier Group will own the company. This is still a good example, the return of the United States makes this China’s injection molding plant in the United States to become the largest injection plant It is speculated that these investments Haier group, not only to boost the U.S. economy, but also to revitalize China’s plastics manufacturing industry recovery. This shows that the global manufacturing complex relationships, mutual win reciprocity, which is today news to share with you.

Five technological ingenuity to solve injection molding plastic deformation method

Five technological ingenuity to lead you solve when injection molding plastic deformation method

plastic injection molding parts

The causes of deformation
1) the shape of products, especially forming shrinkage relationship with product thickness caused by residual stress
2) Due to the forming conditions of residual stress in
3) parting the residual stress produced in
4) and deformation due to insufficient cooling time

2. The associated knowledge
1) the deformation of the products (warping, bending, small wrinkles) as well as the reasons of the crack.The residual internal stress in the products.Molding set conditions should be set in eliminate products of internal stress direction. Namely improve material barrel temperature and mould temperature, the material liquid get better state, the injection pressure is not too high.
2) in order to reduce the residual stress, annealing processing, namely under thermal deformation temperature of 10 degrees, more than 2 hours of heating has the effect of stress relief. But this way because of the high cost of annealing and use is not common.
3) if the mould cooling hole not to cooling homogeneity of products, also can produce residual stress, which means that the cooling hole can’t be too shallow.

Third, solution.
1) instant: sufficient cooling solidification in the mould (chronograph longer cooling time), and improve the temperature of the material, reduce the injection molding pressure.
2) short-term: make mold cooling uniformity.
3) long-term: avoid the thickness of products, where product thickness large set gate (1-1), caused by a straight line easy to warp, make it big R curve, products reversible bending die, increase the number of ejection rod, increase the draft.

Four, differences in material:
1) the crystalline materials (poly (PVC), polypropylene, pom, nylon),injection molding shrinkage rate, and easy to cause bias, non-crystalline material (polystyrene (PVC, ABS) easy to cause residual stress.

Five, the reference items:
1) use orthotics keep at room temperature after molding, to prevent deformation, slightly but not hope too much.
2) in the box forming of thin shape, bending caused by injection molding temperature, this is common thermal expansion

Types of plastic injection molds in China

Types of chinese plastic injection molds

plastic injection molds in china

plastic injection molds in china

Plastic injection molds to create objects, injection molding plastic is forced into the mold cavity. They are often used to scale manufacturing operations, creating new products, such as toys, kitchen utensils, caps, mobile phone sets. You can use the injection mold “flash line” extra plastic around the seams discovery projects. There are four main types of commonly used plastic injection molds.

Cold runner mold

Cold runner mold, such kind of injection mold is the most common type. The gates and runner mold used for injection molding plastic in each mold cavity. However, the sprue and runner and some hardened once solidified. Workers then these works and recycling. This may cause the waste problem, which may make their economic use.

Two plate plastic injection molds

Two plate cold runner mold is so named because they are characterized by two plates together. Only a parting surface that must be located in the runner. This is the easiest cold runner mold.

Three plate plastic injection molds

Three plate cold runner mold has three, which means that there is one pair of parting planes. Three of the manifold, the movable plate and floating panels. Contains half of the gate hot runner plate and the runner-up. The injection system comprising half of the movable plate and the geometric shape of the part. The other half of the rotor included in the floating plate and geometry. The system can be located in any of the parting, and anywhere on the surface can be selected through the sheet to provide flexibility.

Hot runner mold

Hot runner mold provides a different way of plastic. As part of the runners, although a plastic syringe and cool the cold runner, the hot runner mold in the mold and stored in the temperature higher than the melting point of the plastic. This means that the gate and runner sclerosis will never have a chance. This also reduces the amount of plastic waste. However, the hot runner injection mold requires more skill and maintenance, and have a higher baseline costs. However, they tend to save materials according to their own.