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About injection molding chinese resin


If you ask me about injection molding chinese resin most popular plastic material we used for our customer is ABS. Plastic injection molding  in china, we are few company keep good price and high quality service . we not only a professional injection molds maker, also for injection molding chinese  process, today, let us discuss about ABS material.

1, Plastic handle ABS the water absorption of about 0.2% -0.8%, the general level of ABS, prior to processing using an oven bake at 80-85 ℃ for 2-4 hours or 1-2 hours of the drying hopper 80 ℃ bake. Heat Resistant ABS with PC components, the drying temperature is due to increase to 100 ℃, specific drying time can be used to determine the air extrusion.
The ratio can not exceed 30% of the use of recycled materials, electroplating grade ABS can not use recycled materials.

 Injection molding chinese machine selection

The choice of Ramada’s standard injection molding chinese machine (Screw Ratio 20:1 compression ratio is greater than

2, the injection pressure is greater than 1500bar). If masterbatch or product appearance requirements expected high optional small a diameter screw. The clamping force follow the 4700-6200t/m2 to determine specific needs plastic grade products require.

3, mold and gate design The mold temperature set at 60-65 ℃. Runner diameter 6-8mm. Gate width of 3mm, the thickness and products, as the gate length is less than 1mm. Vent width of 4-6mm, thickness 0.025-0.05mm.
4, the temperature of the melt
Accurately determine the available air injection. A different level, the temperature of the melt is also different, and recommendations are set as follows: Anti-leveling: 220 ℃ -260 ℃, to 250 ℃ is better Plating grade: 250 ℃ -275 ℃, to 270 ℃ is better Heat Resistant: 240 ℃ -280 ℃, to 265 ℃ -270 ℃ better Flame Retardant: 200 ℃ -240 ℃, to 220 ℃ -230 ℃ better Transparent level: 230 ℃ -260 ℃, to 245 ℃ is better Glass fiber reinforced grade: 230 ℃ -270 ℃ High requirements for the surface of the article, the use of higher melt temperature and mold temperature.
5, injection speed Fire-rated to use slow, heat fast. Higher product surface, the use of high-speed and multi-stage injection rate of fire control.
6 back pressure
Back pressure as low as possible, under normal circumstances the usual back pressure  5 bar, coloring required a high back pressure to keep the blending evenly.
7, retention time
Under a temperature of 265 ℃, ABS melt barrel residence time can not exceed a maximum of 5-6 minutes. The flame retardant shorter For downtime, you should first set the temperature as low as 100 ° C, and then a general purpose grade ABS cleanup molten plastic tube. Clean up after the mix into cold water to prevent further decomposition. Change from plastic the hit ABS material, first with the PS, PMMA or PE cleanup melting cones. Some ABS products would not be a problem in just mold release, over a period of time before there will be discolored, which may be caused by overheating or plastic in the long residence time of molten plastic tube.
8, products after processing The general ABS products do not need to after treatment, only The plating grade products subject to bake (70-80 ℃ ,2-4 hours) to the passivation of the surface traces, and the need plating products can not use the release agent, immediately after packaging products remove .
9,Injection molding pay special attention to matters There are several grades of ABS (Flame Retardant), plasticized melt great adhesion to the surface of the screw after a long time will break down. When this happens, you need to screw homogenization segment and compressed pull out smear and PS and other clean-up on a regular basis screw.
Barrel temperature The feed zone 40 ~ 60 ℃ (50 ℃) District 1 160 ~ 180 ℃ (180 ℃) Zone 2 180 ~ 230 ℃ (210 ℃) Zone 3 210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃) Zone 4 210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃) Zone 5 210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃) Nozzles 210 to 260 ° C (240 ° C) A temperature within the parentheses is suggested as a basic setting value, stroke utilization rate was 35% and 65%, the flow length of the mold member with the wall thickness ratio of 50:1 to 100:1 A cylinder thermostat 220 ° C Mold temperature 40 to 80 ° C The injection pressure of 100 to 150MPa (1000 1500bar) Holding pressure Dwell time is relatively short, the injection pressure of 30% to 60% Melt temperature is 220 to 250 ° C Back pressure 5 ~ 15MPa (50 ~ 150bar); back pressure is too low, melt entrapped air will cause coking (gray and black lines in progress) Injection speed Best injection classification: from slow to fast; need injection speed in order to achieve good surface gloss, minimum the fusion seam as well as fusion seam high strength; ventilation tunnels need to be opened at the juncture of the first flow channel Screw speed Maximum screw speed equivalent line speed of 0.6m / s, but the best low screw speed setting that as long as the plasticizing process can be completed before the end of the cooling time Metering stroke (0.5 ~ 4) D Residual quantity 2 ~ 8mm, depending on the measurement of stroke and screw diameter Prebaked ABS In some cases, direct feeding from the feed bag without pre-drying, and otherwise in the drying temperature of 80 ° C for 3 h; wet granules products cause cracks, scratches, or bubbles Recoveries 30% can be added back to the material, provided before material does not undergo thermal degradation Shrinkage of 0.4% to 0.7% Gate system Point the gate and hot runner; minimum wall thickness of not less than 0.7mm, poor liquidity because ABS Machine downtime period No need to use other materials cleaning Barrel Equipment Standard screw, check ring, through the nozzle

Five item to help you select hot runner for Injection Molded Part

Injection Molded Part in China

Five item of plastic injection molded part

With our business grown up, we receive a lot of  order that need use hot runner system for plastic injection molds or injection molded part business. First of all, we should analyze the injection molding part pressure, heating method able to process the type of plastic melt channel size, multi-zone temperature control, “these five areas to determine the hot runner system is right for you.Injection pressure .

Hot runner system

Hot runner system mold users have a misunderstanding: the plastic melt in the hot runner system is always hot, so hot runner injection pressure loss is much smaller than the cold runner. In fact, to meet the needs of the design of hot runner structure, the flow distance of the melt in the hot runner system will greatly increase in injection pressure loss in the hot runner system is not a small glimpse. In practical applications, due to the hot runner system injection pressure loss is too large, resulting in injection molded part difficulties are many, so the processing flow of plastic (such As PC, POM, etc.), the melt flow from the hot runner system large parts weight, etc., should be adopted cae software flow analysis calculation.Heating methods the internal heating system to install the heater directly from internal heating of raw materials in the melt Road. External heating system in the external heating raw materials, raw materials flowing through the flow channel in the barrier-free. External heating system to solve the problem of dead spots in the melt channel, and the melt inside the shear curve is more reasonable.

Gate type : There are several types to choose from. Factors to consider include: the allowed traces of the gate, gate location and type of injection molding materials. Whether non-crystalline, crystalline or thermoplastic elastomer, different gate types of specific raw materials restrictions. Understanding of the gate to use the most appropriate materials to help choose the best gate.Can the types of processing plastic must be considered when choosing a hot runner system, the type of plastic to be processed. For example, if the processing of glass-reinforced plastic (such as glass-reinforced nylon material, etc.) should be used in the wear resistance of a good gate inserts; easily processed, the thermal decomposition of plastic (pvc) should be used in the runner smooth, there is no flow of dead ends hot runner system; processing flow of plastic (pc) should be considered to use a larger nozzle series runner cross-section dimensions, and in the hot runner plate.The size of the melt Road Plastic injection molded parts and processing conditions in order to ensure optimal system performance analysis, therefore, not only to consider the weight of the product, but also to calculate the appropriate size of melt Road, including a melt flow index, injection time, injection molding cycle and the melt temperature and so on.Suitable melt channel size is critical to the performance of the hot runner inappropriate melt channel size will lead to plastic degradation, resulting in injection molded parts uneven or filling is not complete, and slowly change color. In order to determine the best melting tract size, need to consider the pressure drop, residence time, temperature, shear rate, and color change frequency and other factors.Multi-zone temperature control If you need a large size, complex hot runner system, or the processing of temperature-sensitive, narrow range of processing parameters of plastic, you should select the hot runner design with multi-zone temperature control. So that users can be based on partial adjustment and control on the temperature distribution. An ideal hot runner system should have a uniform temperature distribution, but there are actually a variety of reasons for the differences in temperature of hot runner throughout: the heat of combination with the Department such as the quality of the hot runner heating components, hot runner systems and mold excessive loss of heat of different plastic melt in the hot runner throughout the shear. Hot runner system size is bigger and more complex, the more you should choose the hot runner system with multi-zone temperature control.

How to control plastic injection moulding temperature

plastic injection moulding tools

plastic injection moulding tools

Plastic Injection Moulding temperature control

Today, we discuss about plastic injection moulding temperature control, hot runner mold temperature control box, heating coil system used in combination to control the temperature of the phantom.A plastic injection moulding tooling temperature control method .Plastic injection mold specific method of heating or cooling of regulating the temperature there are several ways available steam, hot oil circulation, hot water circulation and resistance, and other methods of heating are specific mode. Cooling  of the plastic injection molding can be used to cool the circulating water or air. The plastic injection molding machine, mold temperature regulation, the application more resistance heating, cooling and water cooling.Resistance heating mold, flat site with a resistance wire heating plate, the cylindrical parts of the electric circle, the mold body with electric heating rods. The mold needs to cool down parts of the layout of the cycle to the delivery of water pipes, you can cool.Resistance heating and cooling water cycle, the two-mode specific temperature conditions need work alternately, so that the mold temperature control requirements in the process temperature range.

plastic injection moulding temperature precautions

mold temperature of all parts of the heating should be uniform, to ensure that the melt filling quality, and this will make the plastic injection moulding products, quality is assured, the acceptance rate of injection moulding products.Mode of the process temperature regulator, to determine the melt viscosity of high and low. Higher viscosity of the melt was injected into the mold, should be mode-specific temperature control was slightly higher; low viscosity melt filling, may be appropriate mode specific temperature decreases. In preparation for injection production, mold temperature must be in the process, within the requirements. In order to ensure the mode specific temperature uniformity, heated to the temperature of process requirements, the mode specific constant temperature for some time.

Plastic injection moulding of large plastic products

due to its forming melt feeding amount, the melt flow than and large-mode specific heat moisture in the melt flow channel parts to prevent the melt due to the melt flow channel is too long to make the flow cooling, to increase the viscosity of the melt, so that the material flow slows down, melt injection mold filling quality, or even cause the melt ahead of cooling solidification, plastic injection moulding machines can not be.

In order to reduce the melt flow channel length leaving the melt cooling, increased heat loss, you want to add insulation in the low-temperature parts of the mold cavity and the melt flow channel between the high-temperature parts of the moisture layer.

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