India plastic injection molder develop rapidly in the next ten years

India plastic injection molder develop rapidly in the next ten years

Currently, plastic injection molder making mould and injection molding manufacturing is a globe business, I trust India will be our big Cooperator and competitor in the world. Actually already have a lot of indian’s company buy injection molds from china.

Injection molder

India Industry

Many industries in India, the development of the plastics industry is considerable, although less than half of China and other emerging Asian countries, India’s per capital level of the use of plastic, is lagging far behind the world average. But with India’s plastic consumption doubling every year, and more than 35 pounds per person, local companies with foreign enterprises on the Indian injection mold industry has made considerable investment. In India, in the plastics industry’s potential ability to show expected plastic mold industry will also be strong growth. According to the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official ,Mr Luo Baihui said in 2015, the Indian plastics production will double, to reach an annual output of 15 million tons from an annual output of 7.5 million tons, India will soon become the world’s third-largest plastic consuming countries, during the grand plans of the plastic injection mold industry. With the deepening of the globalization of the Indian economy, India in the development of the domestic market, but also eager to develop export markets. According to the calculation of the Government of India, the coming years will be here the construction of more than 100 plastic processing plants as well as “plastic park.” Chemicals and chemical fertilizers Minister recently said the technology center will meet the plastics industry demand for technology talent growing. In fact, through the implementation of training programs in the field of plastic processing techniques of the length of time, the eastern region near the Orissa supplement the shortage of highly skilled personnel.

Another attractive place

It is easy to get in balasore areas required by the plastics industry raw materials, so you can guarantee the sustainable development capacity. The same time to neighboring ports paradeep, and also in the construction of a petrochemical joint venture developed by the Indian Oil Corporation.
China International Mould Network India’s economic growth driven by consumption, domestic plastic molds and machinery and equipment industry a boost. According to the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luo Baihui introduced the India Rajoo engineers manufactured molds for processing of consumer products to benefit from strong consumer spending and growth. Rajoo engineers president Suniljain (individual All India Plastics Manufacturers Association machinery, molds and tools Committee Chairman) has been urged Indian industry to vigorously develop the export market, because the financial crisis has devastated the main competitor of the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea.
By the strong growth of the plastics and injection molder maker industry, machine and mold India has a competitive advantage because they are inexpensive, although many critics say, these products are not as advanced Western countries of similar products. However, Luo Baihui said this is India a golden opportunity to promote their products in the international market, especially in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Polymer consumption in India, on the other hand, the rise will also be accompanied by the applicable machinery and raw materials, semi-finished and finished product demand growth, only from 2009 to 2011, about 30,000 sets of plastic processing equipment, it is estimated that requires an investment of 95 billion.

custom injection molded silk printing plastic part

China service-- custom injection molded plastics

China service– custom injection molded plastics

Custom injection molded plastics for silk printing part

Usually precision injection products, we do need to do a surface treatment, such as screen printing. Such products, we do a lot, but this time our customers need injection products surface screen printing . We are dealing with is in a cone with angle above. This product from development to custom injection molded product,  to the last screen printing has considerable technical content. Very pleased that we have now completed the product development and supply.
If you have the demand for such kind of silk painting injection molding product, you can contact with us, we will be so professional manufacturer. Not only in mold manufacturing, technical processing of late, such as screen printing technology solution to the problem.

Custom Injection Molded products long history in China

Our company was started in 1997 with the primary purpose of providing manufacturing access for new products and enhancing production opportunities for existing products.  China Plastic Molding (CN-MOULDING) solving with new and existing products. Design assistance and prototyping .For small to medium parts that utilizes a broad range of materials like acrylic, polyurethane, nylon, and engineering-grade plastics.China custom  injection molded products services also include insert molding,multi-cavity molds, and in-mold decorating, with an integrated quality system that encompasses molding parameters, material specification, part inspection and moldmaintenance.Customers are guaranteed the highest quality of products,state-of-the-art machinery, and quick response times. We routinely customize procedures to fit the clients’ needs,and self-audit all aspects of a job to maintain constant improvement.

Possible method

Provide custom design drawings are preferred.Barriers to external application of the product.If it is optically transparent, do not destroy any graphics.Applicable to the injection molding process or the manufacturing process of the custom plastic product itself, because it is formed In dealing with changes in the process, to enhance the obstacles to provide solutions are also interested.