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Driverless car automotive industrial in G7 meetingAutomotive driverless cars

Driverless car  in Japan G7 meeting June, 2016

Local time on the 26th before lunch, to participate in the summit of world leaders gathered, the common experience of driverless car. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with the Italian prime minister,  Matteo Renzi has sat without driving a car in the back seat.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hope will during a driverless car service. This new technology is expected to help alleviate traffic congestion at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Experts believe that Mr Abe’s decision may stimulate new prosperity to the Japanese auto industry, because in the development of unmanned driving cars, Japanese automaker is to catch up with Google. In addition, unmanned vehicle technology is also expected to stimulate more innovation, encourage capital spending.

Google test driverless car

Google Inc. and Fiat Chrysler announced that both companies will cooperate produce 100 units driverless car . This is Google for the first time and traditional car manufacturers cooperation R & D driverless cars.

According to the agreement, Google engineers will be in the Chrysler Fiat hybrid powered version of the patch Benfica commercial vehicles to install automatic driving system and a variety of sensors. The cooperation between the two sides of the specific financial details were not released, two companies of cooperation is not exclusive. Google said there is no unmanned driving car technology licensed or transferred to any car company.
Google driverless car project from 2009 began, the test team is currently by 21 cars after modified Lexus sport type multifunctional car and 33 car shape like pods of small cars. Partnership with Chrysler to manufacture cars will double the number of test vehicle and meet the needs of Google expanding road test.
Google is currently in the United States 4 cities on the road test unmanned technology. A new batch of automatic driving cars will be the first test in Google’s own test site, and then put into road testing.
Google driverless car project chief executive John Kravchik said: “Fiat and Chrysler engineers work closely will accelerate the work we developed fully automated driving cars, and such a car can make our roads safer.”

Last year, Google driverless car out of Silicon Valley, began in Austin, Texas City test. This test city increased to 4. Google executives frankly, increase the city test is not only to test the cars and the performance in different road conditions, in order to improve the public of drvierless car acceptance. Although these test vehicles on the road does not allow the public test ride, but every one, Google held a variety of activities to the public explanation and safety of unmanned technology.
Google has been formulated to 2020 to provide consumers with the driverless car target. The company hired four former American national highway traffic safety administration officials, they help Google lobbying the government to accept Google’s self driving cars.
Commitment to the national highway traffic safety administration in July before the release of unmanned vehicle standards. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony fox told the Reuters news agency said: “the technology has come, whether we are not ready, it has come.”

Old news about china automotive industry

Perhaps,Driverless car  is the last chance of China automotive industry. The huge shadow cast by the financial crisis continues. The export market for countries around the world are in recession, the demand for consumer goods and construction are also reduced. Perhaps the Chinese auto market recovery we see little prospects.

At present, China’s auto sales have more than the United States. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers data show that, with sales rising, GM and Volkswagen and other auto companies have increased sales originally anticipated. The plastics industry as a whole has also felt the upward trend. Car sales climbed to number of injection molds and plastic products company operating in China has brought a lot of comfort. With the advent of car sales growth bode well for local car manufacturers and injection molders support .the china automotive business goals of many manufacturers. Of course, the car congestion, environmental protection reasons, will have a negative impact on car sales.

In 2012, China’s economy has slowed to a certain extent, but the car market remains strong momentum. International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, said light-vehicle sales in China in 2012 will rise by 8-10%, about 3% higher than last year. Last year, China’s total car sales more than 18.5 million, becoming the world’s largest auto market.
With the government strongly encourages the production of energy-saving models, which for plastic materials and auto parts suppliers with opportunities

Automation production

automation production in chinaAutomation production in 2016

In 2016, robot a with almost every injection molding machine and official signs appear multiple times “innovation” and “green solution”. In addition to the brand, the basic demand is pick and place system, one of the vendors proposed unattended self driven AGV display.

About AVG
AGV is not a new technology, in the early 1950s, factory running driverless forklifts. But in China, this is a new concept. In the current national advocacy “automation”, “innovation”, “green solution”, the injection molding industry emphasizing the machine
People are important, even if you don’t need it.

China is not a low production country

Standing on the stage the 2016, China will no longer be a low production cost, higher production costs, labor costs are relatively high, the country faces all the limitations of further economic growth. This is why we have to focus more on automation production technology. The reasons for the operation and the high productivity. We can not only rely on low-cost labor and low-cost land.
Compared with the developed economies, China’s wage level increased significantly in the past 15 years. According to the labor statistics from 2002 and 2009, hourly wage costs in China manufacturing increased nearly 3 times, from $0.60/hr jump to 1.70/hr $. China’s Injection mold industry, mold maker per hour wage compensation rate of $3.07 and manufacturing workers for the 2012 U.S. dollars. Since 2004, the average annual salary of employees in cities and towns throughout the country have been close to double-digit, 2014 reached (about $9000) 56339 rmb.
China has the world’s leading automation production investments respond.2015, when industrial robot’s global sales for the third consecutive year a record level increased by 8% to nearly 240000 units, with most of China’s demand, according to the International Federation of robotics(IFR) statistics, industry and trade Industry robot sales increased by 16%, IFR reported that China’s economic growth is the main driving force, will be fully automated and intelligent automation.


Soft material plastic moulding procedure

Customer selection priority plastic moulding

For save invest cost and make good quality plastic injection moulding product, usually customer always like use plastic mould making  way to make soft material, TPE is one kind of popular material. But usually injection molded plastic parts with TPE resin can not keep good quality, today let us discuss how to make nice quality TPE plastic parts with plastic injection moulding production in China.

plastic moulding procedure making

Plastic Moulding speed

1.A screw speed, the delay time of the back pressure and screw. The screw speed should be set so that the screw can be fully retracted in a timely manner, usually 2 – 3 seconds at the mould opening, for the next plastic moulding. The typical screw speed range of 50 – 150 revolutions per minute. If the screw is retracted too fast, and the machine has screw delay timer, you should set the delay time so that the screw is fully retracted and the delay time after the mold is the smallest. This will shorten the residence time of the material at this temperature as well as in the rest time of the machine bore. Increase the back pressure will increase the material shear heating phenomenon. Backp ressure normal setting range is 50 – 150 psi. When mixed master batch should be used in a high back pressure to achieve optimum dispersion state.

2. Plastic moulding speed If possible, should be so set the plastic moulding velocity control procedures: first, quickly filling the flow channel system, and then reduce the speed when material begins to flow into the cavity through the gate. Maintain this speed until the workpiece 90% filled, and then further reduced speed to completely fill the mold cavity, but it does not occur an overflow of the workpiece material. Plastic moulding and transition pressure. If the machine does not by filling to control the speed, it should be set the plastic moulding pressure so that the flow channel system and the mold cavity sufficient to be filled within a time of about 1-5 seconds. Adjusted to approximately the initial transitional pressure filled with the workpiece mold cavity to the desired injection pressure 50%. This will help to reduce the plastic moulding pressure during the filling and packing stages to a minimum. When the plastic moulding volume should be set to monitor the amount of buffer, to ensure that it can be maintained in the filling and packing stages. The transition to the filling and then holding pressure from the supercharger . Newer plastic moulding apparatus provides additional options for supercharging from the injection (injection of the first stage) to the filling and packing stages of the transition. From the supercharger to the filling phase of the transition is the most accurate method. It is based on the position of the screw to control. Making processing according to the position , the screw can consistently to a certain volume of material injected into the mold cavity. It also provides for the filling of the workpiece and densification precise control, and to help prevent the collapse of the workpiece and the hole.

Time is another way

Time to  control the transition, but not recommended. Cavity pressure control transition is a costly approach, because it is involved in the installation of the workpiece mold cavity pressure sensor. When this process is required to achieve a high precision plastic moulding tolerances. Reduce from the supercharger to the transition between the pressure in the filling and packing stage, will help to control the bush at the top end of drip. If the injection apparatus is provided with the pressure of the filling and packing stage control program can be used to reduce the speed of the flow channel leading and pressure

Injection molding time

The best time of the the full flow channel system is approximately 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Fill the cavity should spend 1-5 seconds. If possible, it is best controlled by controlling the plastic moulding speed, fill time.

 Dwell time

The dwell time should be set in front of the gate solidification. Typically, the size of the gate of the dwell time is a decisive factor. The larger the gate, the gate before setting the longer dwell time.

Cooling time

The cooling time is mainly dependent on the melt temperature, the wall thickness of the workpiece, and cooling efficiency. In addition, the hardness of the material is also a factor. Compared to the very soft varieties (Shore hardness <20A), the relatively rigid varieties within the mold will be rapidly solidified. For a medium hardness SEBS composites typical workpiece, if cooling from both sides, then every 0.100 “wall thickness and the required cooling time will be about 15 to 20 seconds. Overmold a workpiece will take a longer cooling time, because they can be effectively cooled by a smaller surface area per 0.100 “wall thickness required cooling time will be about 35-40 seconds.

China injection molding soft resin and painting discuss

china injection molding plastics China Injection Molding Plastic soft resin

With the development of various molds making and injection molded products, we encounter a wide variety of products, including some inside soft plastic products, today we discuss the next .The low hardness below shore 70A degrees PVC and TPE, TPR,TPU plastic injection molded parts paint quality problems, has been difficult to control and assurance the painting department production when quality problems, the lower hardness of the harder to ensure. Hardness as low as 70 degrees below the paint quality issues seems to have been difficult to control, often occur. It was often to blame bad weather, china injection molding plastic parts release agents, or placed time is too long, and so causes the fuel injection parts off oil, has not been able to have a good solution to let us go off oil to ensure low hardness .China injection molding members do not always occur. We tried many open water, detergent and a variety of operating methods, including baking china injection molding plastics and the first spray a layer of open water or ring ketone injector, etc., have failed to receive a steady improvement effect, forcing us to continue to study more effectively, more stable solution measures in order to maintain normal production of injection department.

Paint and clean way

As we all know, the soft rubber pieces paint quality problem is caused, because of china injection molding parts surface  with a hard layer to remove traces oil. Some release agent residue layer traces of oil,Injection molding part traces of oil leakage from the surface, integration the injection molded parts, so it is difficult to clean, and A more serious problem is a long trace of oil.. So, to solve the problem of china injection molding parts ,clear of the surface oil traces , out of the main direction of the oil problem solve low hardness Ruanjiao member. In many cleaning test, have tried various cleaning agents add a little of that water and other solvents to clean the 70 degree PVC injection molded parts, but the surface traces of oil injection molded parts to no avail, just produced injection molded parts, oil the track slightly some there will be some improvement effect, and therefore can not become an effective and stable solution, out the oil problem also occur from time to time. Finally, we boldly day that water to wash 70 degrees, the surface of the PVC injection molded parts, the results obtained satisfactory success. Water that day, a strong plastic corrosive solvent, PVC, ABS and PC material can be melted. We took advantage of this feature to solve the problem ,f soft rubber PVC injection molded parts clean surface traces of oil. Cleaning soft rubber PVC injection molded parts using water that day, the days that water injection molded parts with a large number of traces in the surface layer melted, so beer exposed clean the surface of the oil. How only melted with the surface of the oil, but can not destroy the surface quality of the injection molded parts, the key became our ability to solve the problem. After several tests, finally found a very simple and effective, easy-to-production solution, injection molded parts immersed in the day that water for a few seconds after injection molded parts immediately out into clean water. After china injection molding plastics parts soaked in water today, allows the water just melt oil with the surface ,No chance to further integrate into the plastic parts of the ability, from the surface corrosion, to achieve the purpose protect china injection molding parts surface quality . Residual traces of oil mixed in the water together ,to clean up the water for injection molded parts revealing a bright surface clean and undamaged, then remove and dry for fuel injector production. At this time, we can also see the side covered with paste traces of oil removed from the surface, china injection molding parts filled plastic pots with water. It should be emphasized, clean the surface of the injection molded parts operation, soaking the time of day that water is very important, general control in 1-3 seconds. A long time, the surface of the injection molding plastics parts will matte white, too fast cleaning effect is not thorough enough. Therefore, depending on the injection molded parts, and come up with the best of the soaking time. Should white matte surface of the injection molded parts is not easy to control, and that the water in the days of adding the right amount of cyclohexanone, in order to improve the ability of anti-white, easy-to-production operation control. Deployment of solvent and operating situation well, even in the dip after injection molded parts do not need to put water, but directly and carefully placed in the mesa dry for fuel injector production has obtained satisfactory results . In 2004, I plant a often out oil products since the adoption of this approach has been the continuous production of more than 100 million pieces of no swap oil injector parts. Therefore, we are no longer worried about the weather, the release agent or injection molded parts place too long. Low hardness of soft rubber pieces, the rubber pieces off the oil problem is more serious than the PVC pieces. Sometimes severe enough to paint as a large area like undress from the injection molded parts. For the cleaning of the rubber surface traces of oil, it can be said that racked his brain. Day that water, alcohol, sand, etc. are tested, and finally found after wash water (hard plastic pieces dedicated to sewage) is soaked off the oil injection molded parts can also be a very good improvement. Mansion, water can be cleaned ABS injection molded parts for many raw materials, but can not be used to clean the rubber material injection molded parts, scrub, china injection molding part surface will be seriously damaged. With the use of the water that day the clear PVC injection molded parts surface traces in principle, but also the ability to use wash water can corrode the rubber pieces, to remove the traces of oil on the china injection molding parts surface. Soak wash water for 10 seconds when the china injection molding parts immediately remove and into the water for cleaning. The beer after cleaning the surface will become very smooth ,almost no point riders feel dry after injection molded parts can be used in the production . Therefore, for the low hardness soft rubber pieces off the oil problem, the key is how to solve cleaning problems. Able to find certain corrosive effect of solvents on the plastic pieces and mode of operation, will be able to completely remove the traces of oil on the surface of the china injection molding plastics parts out the problem of the oil can be a very effective solution.

Experience sharing,

I think suited to co-ordinate the injection molding, injection and production departments because encounter such problems, every department is always blaming each other, perhaps this can not solve the problem. Do you want to make good Chinese injection molding plastic products, take care a lot and not only technology problem, also management problem .—-plastic injection moulding company in china ,kenny write in 2012-11-16