Vacuum thermoform plastic with Blister machine

Let us introduce some information for vacuum thermoform & blister machine basic devicevacuum thermoform machine

1. Clamping devices Molding of the vacuum thermoform plastic sheet, the sheet is fixed on the clamping device. Universal vacuum forming machine and composite thermoform machine, multi-easy clamping device fixed size sheet. Plenty of whole molding machine with a clamping frame. Clamping device can be divided into two categories: one is the frame, and the other is the split- The frame-type clamping device is composed of upper and lower two frameworks. The sheet is sandwiched between the two frameworks. When the frame is opened, the lower frame is generally to maintain the fixed state. The lower portion of the framework on the various types of single-station forming machine is fixed directly in the molding chamber. Installed parison and finished out the manual and semi-automatic molding machine by hand, when the frame size is large, and are equipped with the safe operation of the device within the framework of open. The molded parison slip greater the required clamping force can be adjusted within a relatively wide range, for this end, the use of the rubber roller of the two packages, with a spring pressed against each other, and are equipped with a pressure regulating means. Continuous tab molding machine clamping both sides of the zipper together with front and rear gates. The best clamping device with automatic control, with a view to action quickly, can help improve part quality and efficiency.

2. Blister heating equipment The vacuum thermoform plastic process of the thermoplastic sheet and film, and the main step is one of the sheet was heated to soften the sheet into the plasticity of the device. The distance between the duration and quality of the electrically heated depends on the structure of the heater, the heat transfer of thermal inertia of the temperature after the radiation surface, the sheet with the heater, radiant energy absorption coefficient, and the characteristics and thermal physical properties of the material of the surface of the heater. The conventional heater with an electric heater, a crystal radiator and infrared heater.

3. Plastic vacuum equipment The vacuum system consists of pumps, cylinders, valves, piping, and a vacuum table, often in a vacuum molding using separate models vacuum pump, such pumps, the degree of vacuum should be 0.07 ~ 0.09 Mpa (520mmHg) above. The cylinders are generally thin steel plate welded cylindrical casing, a bottom is elliptical. The accumulator tank of capacity should be at least half as large as the largest the capacity of the molding chamber. Vacuum pipeline must be equipped with appropriate valves to control the vacuum narrow capacity. The rotational power of the vacuum pump is determined by the size of the molding apparatus and the molding speed, the larger or faster molding equipment commonly used to 2 ~ 4KW. Vacuum the size of the central system, as factory production and the development of specific requirements.

4. Blister compressed air equipment Pneumatic system by thermoform machine with its own compressor, air tank, the workshop supervisor Road set, valves, and other components. Molding machine requires compressed air, pressure 0.6 ~ 0.7MPa various vacuum forming machine is widely used piston air compressors. You can also supply large screw-type air compressors whole plant. Compressed air in addition to a large number of outside in molding, as well as for stripping, early products outside cooling and power manipulation the mold framework and operation sheet mechanical action.

5. Blister cooling equipment In order to improve production efficiency, vacuum thermoform products Stripping often need cooling. The ideal situation is the inner and outer surfaces of the parts in contact with the mold is cooled, preferably with built-in cooling coils mold. For non-metallic mold, such as wood, plaster, glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy mold can switch to air-cooled, not water-cooled, and plus a water mist to cool the outer surface of the vacuum forming parts. Production using natural cooling can be obtained annealing workpieces, is conducive to improve the impact resistance of workpieces. Cooled with water, although the production efficiency is high, but the workpiece internal stress.

6. Blister stripping equipment Releasing the article out of the die, usually either the die or punch, the majority of occasions securement mold is due to the shrinkage of the article to cool, so the vacuum suction holes or hair so that the opposite direction releasing. Especially for the stripping slope mold or die while stripping stripping mechanism contradict or shock.

7. Blister control equipment The control system including instruments, pipes, valves, various parameters and actions generally include vacuum thermoforming plastic molding, finishing process control. Control mode is manual, electrical – mechanical automatic control, computer control, the specific choice considering the initial investment in labor costs, technical requirements, the cost of raw materials, production and maintenance of equipment costs and other factors.

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The maverick is always pursuit of the goal of the advertising industry and the development impetus. In today’s print ads flooding, the public needs to be a way to relax the eye of the new form of advertising performance, acrylic plastic light boxes advertising have come into being. Acrylic plastic light box advertising breakthrough the traditional 2D performance practices, and active people in the three-dimensional shape space imagination.

2. Content performance lasting effect Acrylic plastic light boxes, acrylic light box panel “monomer substances polymerization, the weather resistance of acrylic material, solid color, light transmission are much higher than other light box material

. 3. Green Acrylic material can be recycled, is seen as a green advertising for the 21st century manifestations. Acrylic plastic characters from acrylic plastic panel, luminous characters box, and the word luminous light source (LED) in three parts. LED plastic characters become a fashion of the sign industry, attributed LEDs compared to other light sources, has the following characteristics:

1. Bending exhumation, arbitrarily placed in accordance with the Chinese character strokes or complex logo logo;

2. Dedicated power low-voltage power supply, safe and without waterproof seal, even in water directly Lu did not;

3. Extremely energy-saving, energy consumption is only and neon tenth of the electricity savings can offset the manufacturing costs;

4. Long life, up to 100,000 hours. Maintenance-free, free replacement;

5. Good weather resistance, to adapt to the environment of -45 ℃ -85 ℃. Regardless of wind, frost, rain, snow, heat and cold; high brightness, color, elegant, soft color, penetrating power.

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