What is Plastic Injection Mold Maker Process In China?

Chinese Plastic Injection Mold Maker Process

Injection Mold Maker process                                  Injection Mold Maker In China

Customers around the world are now here we purchase mold behalf mold factory in China to take everyone to understand some of the plastic mold manufacturing process simple, so that we can understand more clearly understand the structure of the plastic mold. Mold making process is as follows: Approval – preparation – processing – moldbase processing – core processing – electrode machining – mold parts processing – Inspection – assembly – fly mode – test mode – Production

A: processing of moldbase: 1 playing No. 2 A / B plate processing, 3 panel processing, thimble fixed plate processing, 5 backplane processing

: Core processing: 1 burrs, rough grinding, 3 milling machine processing, 4 benching, 5CNC roughing, 6 heat treatment, the 7 Jingmo, 8 CNC finishing, EDM, 10 provincial-mode

C: Mold parts processing: 1 sliders processing, 2 clamping block processing, 3 shunt cone gate sets processing, the 4 inserts processing mold base processing details 1 hit No. unified the core but also marked with numbers, should die shelves Number consistent and in the same direction, and the assembly alignment can be less error-prone. 2, A / B board processing (ie, moving and stationary mold frame processing): A / B board processing should guarantee the the mold frame parallelism and verticality 0.02mm b: milling machine: screw holes, carrying water hole, top pinhole, machine Tsui holes, chamfers c: fitter Processing: tapping, repair the burr. 3, panel processing: milling machine boring machine nozzle hole or processing material mouth hole. 4, thimble fixed plate processing: milling machine: ejector plate and B plate with link back to the needle, the B board oriented, top-down drill top pinhole, thimble countersunk head requires ejector plate, in turn, the bottom upward correction, first with drill roughing Use cutters finishing place, chamfer. 5, bottom plate processing: milling machine: crossed correction, boring, chamfering. (Note: some die to be strong to pull strong top plus stronger pull strong top institutions, such as the in thimble board plus drilling screw holes) core processing details 1) roughing fly six sides: machining on a milling machine, to ensure squareness and parallelism, stay grinding margin 1.2mm 2) kibble: water mill processing, grinding Omo clamping grinding facet batch Secretary to ensure squareness and parallelism left margin bilateral 0.05mm, 0.6-0.8mm 3) milling machine: first milling head correction, calibration clamping the workpiece before machining the screw holes within 0.02mm, top pinhole threading hole rough opening the insert needle Shen head, machine the Aguilar or material Tsui hole shunt the the chamfer cone do transport water hole, milling R angle. 4) fitter processing: Tapping, typing code 5) CNC Roughing 6) Hair the outside heat treatment HRC 48-52 7) the fine grinding; big Shuimo processing to specific modulus box minus 0.04 mm, ensure parallelism and verticality 0.02 mm within 8) CNC finishing 9) EDM 10) Provincial mode, to ensure finish control cavity size. 11) processing into the gate, exhaust, zinc alloys, under normal circumstances gate opening 0.3-0.5mm, an exhaust opening 0.06-0.1mm, 0.5-1.2mm aluminum gate opening the exhaust opening 0.1-0.2, plastic Exhaust open 0.01-0.02 as wide as possible, a little thin.

The disadvantage of hot runner

Injection mold of hot runner disadvantage 

hot runner mold

All of injection mold maker know, hot runner injection mold has many significant advantages, the injection mold user also need to understand the shortcomings of hot runner injection mold. Summed up in the following points.

1, mold rising costs

Hot runner components are more expensive than other injection mold popular accessories, hot runner injection mold costs may be substantially higher. If the production of small plastic workpiece, mold high proportion of cost sharing, do not spend the economic operator. Hot runner systems expensive plastic mold injection users of many developing countries, affecting one of the main problems of injection are widely used in hot runner.

2, hot runner mold production facility requirements

Hot runner mold require precision machining mechanical guarantee. Whole system and mold integration and coordination requirements are extremely strict, otherwise the mold there will be a lot of serious problems in the production process. Bad cause the plastic overflow damage to the hot runner components interrupt production such as mold and hot runner sealed plastic bits sealing nozzle inserts and the the gate relative position bad led to a serious decline in quality of the products ….

3, operation and maintenance of complex

Compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold operation and maintenance of up more complex than the cold runner mold. Such as the improper use of operating easily damaged hot runner parts, so that production can not be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses. New user of hot runner mold, take a long time to accumulate experience. Or manufacturing company to arrange for a technician to the site to explain the installation and removal Note! Former engineering design should pay attention to what matters, hot runner installation openings attention to what matters to mid-tooling the late injection tryout use to pay attention to what matters to mass use of hot runner system maintenance / repair Note! Personnel training … professional mold design; hot runner installation. Tryout. Maintenance. Maintenance professional consulting services

Transparent plastic part’s mould maker

mold maker china

injection mould maker                                                   Chinese Mould Maker

If you want to produce plastic clear injection molded parts with high quality,China mold manufacturing level is not only high, the price is cheap. Too many mold factory, how to find a really good company? we share some experience with you today : how to make nice transparent plastic part.

Higher transmittance, transparent plastic inevitable requirement for the surface of the plastic products strict quality requirements, and can not have any markings, pores, whitening. Fog halo, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss and other defects, and thus the entire injection molding process of the raw material, mold, and even product design, should pay great attention to strict and even special demands. Mold design should pay attention to the problem Usually in the design of the mold, you should note the following points.

  1.  The wall thickness should be uniform, and the the stripping slope be large enough;
  2.  transition section should gradually. Smooth transition and prevent any sharp corners. Sharp edges, especially pc product must not have a gap;
  3.  gate. Flow channel as much as possible large, chunky, and the location of the gate should be set according to the contraction of the condensation process, necessary, add cold slug well;
  4.  mold maker treat surface should be smooth, low roughness (preferably less than 0.8);
  5.  vent. The slots must be sufficient, and when the exhaust air and the gas in the melt;
    (B) the preparation and drying of the raw material due to plastic contains any point impurities are likely to affect the transparency of the product, and therefore, storage, transportation. Feeding process, you must pay attention to the seal, clean raw material. Raw materials containing water, heating cause material deterioration, so be sure to dry injection, feeding must use the drying hopper. Also note that the drying process, the input air should preferably by filtration, dehumidified, in order to ensure that no contamination of raw materials.

we want to hear from you also for your experience, improve our mould maker technology — A Chinese mould maker

Cnmoulding Start-Up Recycle Plastic Injection Molding Advanced Technology

recycle plastic resin in chinaCnmoulding start up recycle plastic technology

Since the development of a breakthrough technology, cnmoulding launched the high quality, low investment program has been recognized by global customers.

The plan to make the recycling of waste plastics to re imagine the promotion, tenacity, so that the waste into a renewable or renewable fuel mixture.
A leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding, plans to invest sufficient funds for large-scale commercial operation, and will be implemented into the current various types of injection molding processing of new product development projects.
Last month, Kenny signed investment of $10 million renewable plastic items, an American company and need to provide safe and environment-friendly and cheap goods, using a unique waste plastic reproduction technology. The successful implementation of the plan, become pioneering plus price high-quality plastic part production project.
Kenny said : currently injection molding industry in China, few successful use of recycled material production manufacturers. Start the creativity of the injection molding process (PIT™) technology. It can be used to convert the low prices, poor quality of materials, transformation for the good quality of production materials.

The recycled plastic products for the production of the market is broad, the provision of technology is the most important.

Only 30% of the waste will be recycled, the rest are waste, the use of waste to produce a renewable new products, there is a very long process, continuous investment in science and technology is necessary.
Engineering Manager Li Qi, Shanghai


What plastic is not recycled?

  • plastic bag
    Plastic bags are by far the worst pollutant. Please do not recycle plastic bags. The plastic bags collected on the roadside are found in our sorting equipment, but are not recycled.
  • foam
    White foam cups and containers, usually with a # 6 on the bottom, they are non renewable plastic. These products can easily avoid them safe, reusable or recyclable counterparts.
    It is not possible for all # 1 simple plastic, can you?  broad by design become an all encompassing of polycarbonate (PC) and “other” plastic.

Plastic injection molding product with chrome plated

Chrome-plated plastic, high-quality surface finish can be comparable with the metal surface to its light weight, ease of processing and use of broad characteristics, prompting the chrome-plated plastic is widely used in the automotive industry, as well as a variety of industrial production and daily life, our injection molding plastics technology can deal difference kind of chrome plated plastic molding parts with enough experience .


Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Molded Parts

We combine plastic injection molding design, engineering and manufacturing in shanghai with engineering and tool making operations , Cnmoulding capability that cuts lead times and allows for competitive baseline pricing. we added plastic injection molding design and engineering associates to implement “follow the sun engineering.” Our engineering counterparts in China start work on projects as we’re winding down for the day here in shanghai. The workflow doesn’t stop, because each group turns its progress over to the other at the end of the day.
Our plastic injection molding engineers and toolmakers are trained and certified on our UG-NX system, so they’re an integral part of our concurrent engineering capabilities and can interface with customer ERP systems.

To discuss your plastic injection molding and plastics tooling manufacturing requirements—and how our global resources, process engineering and emphasis on continuous improvement can support them—contact kennyhan, at 0086-13061707408 or email us.