Plastic Injection Molded parts Quality Control 100% Inspection

100% plastic Injection molded parts quality inspection methods
In China,Whether produced after injection products meet quality standards, must be tested, a common quality test methods are the following few ways.

injection molded plastic in china

injection molded parts inspection in china

  •  full inspection

It was called full inspection is individually tested for injection products, we have talked about “full” refers to the number of all the plastic parts produced, rather than the entire value of the quality characteristics tested. In determining the test items,Test costs are generally low, the implementation of all product inspection is to have a higher quality requirements.

Such as plastic parts Dimensions test is easier and can be fully tested, and the requirements of the position and some plastic parts crucial, a great impact on the quality, but also the need for full inspection. Not plastic parts for each test must be carried out in full, as it cost too much time-consuming and laborious. Usually occurs when the following conditions using full inspection.

1) found that more unqualified plastic parts, plastic parts or the whole batch are unqualified, the need for follow-up products for full inspection.

High single value

2) injection products, even when a scrap will bring great losses.

3) If the product quality problems, give people life safety or safety hazard when great.

  •  Injection molded plastic sampling inspection

The so-called sampling inspection,, is from a group of randomly selected plastic part of the test conducted. By this test section of plastic parts extracted to make the evaluation of quality of these plastic parts. Compared with the full inspection sampling inspection, it tested a small number of plastic parts, low-cost test, test speed. Sampling inspection and batch size of the number of samples, volume, sample quantity; small quantities, less sampling; as long as the appropriate number of samples, the test results have a high accuracy. Usually by random checks in the following cases.

1) Some of the Injection molded plastic parts that  mechanical and physical properties need to destructive testing, this will bring damage to the plastic parts.

2) more than the mass production of plastic parts, plastic parts produced quantity particularly large, want to save test time and test costs.

3) the production of raw materials in Injection molded plastic parts, there are a lot of raw material is powdered, granular or liquid form, the raw material for these multi-use sampling. Compared with the full inspection sampling inspection, although there are a small number of test and low test cost advantages, but also the following problems: First, when the second installment of the plastic parts, even after sample testing has been considered qualified, can not believe that this batch of plastic parts plant each plastic parts are qualified, which may also exist a very small amount of non-conforming product. Second, the sample tests will inevitably appear judgmental errors, this is the vast majority of qualified products, due to sampling bias, but judged unqualified; or could have been substandard goods, has become qualified. Therefore, in order to determine the probability of error is controlled within a reasonable range, often need to coordinate the use of mathematical statistics methods.

In short, the full inspection and sampling test has its own characteristics, and applications and problems also vary, depending on the circumstances test methods should be chosen to adapt. Mostly due to the injection mold products for mass production, it is more to take sample tests

  • Machine Inspectioninjection molding molded plastics inspect

Parts are initially inspected directly out of our molding machine. Our engineers are trained to identify and rectify the following defects:

  1. Sink marks that form when the outer plastic shell hardens before the internal plastic has had an opportunity to cool
  2. Short shots caused when there is an inadequate amount of plastic material to fill the mold
  3. Burn marks caused by trapped compressed air during the molding process
  4. Flash marks, which is the excess plastic that extends from the end of the molded part

Advantages of plastic medical instrument

Advantages of plastic medical instrument

plastic medical instrument

Use plastic medical apparatus and instruments called a major initiative of the medical profession. From drug and pharmaceutical packaging products, to syringes, tubes, surgical instruments and other disposable medical equipment can be seen in the presence of plastic instruments.
Disposable medical instrument market demand potential is so great ,why largely because of its advantage following aspects:
1, light weight, and effort, help reduce fatigue caused by surgery doctor for a long time. More suitable for human blood and muscle tissue, so the more effective.
2, tough is good, anti-permeable, durable, plastic parts can also be used normally at high temperatures.
3, Transparent , medical procedures can be better observed, especially during surgery.
4, easy to molding, suitable for the production of a variety of shapes, complex medical equipment and supplies, and simply use the low-cost production process. Use disinfectant or sterilizing temperature corrosion does not occur, or color change phenomenon.
5, compared to metals and other raw materials, low cost, suitable for the production of disposable consumables, and after sterilization of packaging materials used to help reduce the risk of infection.
6, As compared with ceramic or the like brittle glass material, a more secure, especially as packaging material.

Aging population will up medical instrument quantity demanded

With the increase of the proportion of population growth and an aging population, the demand for plastic medical instrument continued to expand, particularly into the body of the equipment. The use of medical instrument to diversify from a single, volume size is shrinking, now one can replace equipment more than the previous equipment. Because many outstanding advantages of plastic medical equipment, pharmaceutical industry in the future course of development, its market share and influence will grow.

Powder Injection Molding Market

At present, the ceramic injection molding technology to provide a better, cautious, beautiful product, for the replacement of metal injection molding. In 2015, medicine and the oral cavity orthodontic industry achieved nearly 25% of the global market share, the main reason is that the powder precision injection molding technology to improve and create, forming an industry’s main products. These brackets are very small and precise plastic parts.

Precision Injection Mold Manufacturer Industry Development In China

In China,Precision injection mold industry development is getting better and better

injection mold manufacturer in china

Precision injection mold manufacturer

Many industry rising to the requirement of the mould, so precision injection mold manufacturer industry development gradually hot up, with the vigorous development of the electronic information industry and traditional industry informatization modification, plastic mold market prospect of a vast, global high-grade, china precision plastic injection mold manufacturer market is in short supply situation.

In recent thirty years(since 1978), China plastic injection mold manufacturing level has been improved greatly, the production of large single set weight of the plastic mould has reached more than 50 ton, the accuracy of precision plastic injection mold making has reached to 3 cm, already can produce a multi-cavity mold, plastic mold cavity encapsulation molds,7800 high speed, molding has been able to produce more than 4 m / min high-speed plastic, different materials, plastic mold and dual color injection mold cavity.

Affected by the variety of national policy and the continuous expansion of market space, automotive industry, IT industry, home appliance industry, Medical industry,packaging industry momentum very rapidly in recent years, not only has made great development in terms of capacity, but also in the aspect of the industry’s high-end has a great progress, therefore, in the industry including the three aspects has a strong injection mold manufacturing needs. Part of automobiles, IT products of plastic parts need to be all through the molding, eventually to become a finished product for sale.

With the rapid prototype mold development ,the plastic industry and general engineering plastics in such aspects as strength unceasing enhancement, the application range of the plastic products are also constantly expanding, Amount of plastic products is also rising.

Precision Machining Technological development and innovation

Precision Machining Technology Show stays true to the precision machine parts industry and with a wide variety of precision tools and technology, precision machines and parts, precision accessories and equipments and other similar products; the show has been a unique one. The show also stands apart owing to the quality and standard of display and has been drawing visitors, in large numbers. The show also looks forward to immense networking and interaction opportunities and delivers quality time and space to all

Automotive injection mold manufacturing industry

automotive injection mold making

Automotive industry drive china injection mold manufacturing

Auto injection mold is still the most widely manufacturing in china, the field of industry development is rapid, every new car invest need thousands of pair of injection molds, auto makers has formed with the closely matching mould enterprise development, research and debugging technology, production of strategic alliance. Automotive are increasingly high strength plate in order to reduce weight, also for some ultra high strength plate hot forming and the corresponding hot forming ,mold has naturally become the development trend.

Automotive Industrial  to use plastic ratio will increase and the development of new materials, including all kinds of new plastic, modified plastic, metal, plastic, magnesium alloy, composite material, and so on, this requires a new forming technology, which also requires that have adapted to the new mold. According to CNMOULDING company analyze, plastic injection molding in the future in the market, the proportion of total plastic mold in the china will gradually increase, its development speed will be higher than other mold manufacturer.

“Automotive Injection mold to elegant, requires good appearance generous, internal defects, this would require careful, precision injection mold with high quality. At present, the refinement has a big gap, refinement is often ignored by some companies, the results fell short.” Company, I think that the injection mold fast and efficient production, the injection molding enterprises try to shorten the mold production cycle time, to plastic molding the user mould as soon as possible, on the other hand is more important, the user can you provide a injection mold to production products more quickly and efficiently. Such as more than a multi-cavity mould production, laminated mold, forming time and make good use of hot runner technology to shorten the use of multilayer composite technology, mould decoration technology, highlights non-mark injection molding technology, testing technology and process of composite technology and transfer technology and so on, at the same time stamping forming process intelligent also requires intelligent mold to adapt.

Precision Injection mold market in automotive sector

Precision injection mold , we call PIM here. Along with the progress of production technology, the automobile industry also is an important application field of PIM technology. Gearbox, engine, locking mechanism, turbocharger, steering system, and various electronic systems embedded in automotive injection molded parts, are very powerful and highly complex. Automotive industry in the 2015 market, PIM has accounted for more than 21% of the market share, an increase of 10.4%。Including forecast analysis data and digital map data. The use of finely dispersed powders helps to produce a highly uniform micro structure, which helps to significantly improve the micro structure of investment casting products needed in the automotive industry. These factors significantly affect the PIM market growth