Accessories for your new iPhone 7 case

Accessories for your new iPhone 7 case

We learned about your iPhone 7 ,mobile phone business from the market.
And the services we provide may be a small part of your new iPhone, our creative fast mobile phone accessories custom service independent of any other Chinese plastic injection mold manufacturer.iPhone case plastic part

If you pick up a new iPhone 7 you intend to do so, then you may want to know what you should go with it. After all, no headphone jack, a new camera, and a new version of iOS 10, you may also need to have a shell with your unique personality.
You have a picture of you, your child, your parents or your pet. You may choose any color you like. This is what we are going to do and our service.

A new iPhone 7 case iPhone case iPhone cover

the new iPhone 7 looks very beautiful, but no difference between the other iPhone 7, which is not an independent personality of what you want. It is still necessary to add some special decoration, which is the role of mobile phone shell accessories, gorgeous color, attracted our eyes.

You can give us the color you need, then you will get exactly the same color product, and your expectations are exactly the same.If you cover up your new phone perfectly well, Cnmoulding customized “sturdy armor” chooses the most rugged Polycarbonate plastic materials.

High precision injection molds manufacturing, ensure the armor completely fit the mobile phone protection, comprehensive and efficient, to avoid damage caused by any accidental appearance of mobile phone, my friends think you have been using a new mobile phone so far, iPhone case accessories we produce, without any fault fade phenomenon.

Thin clear transparent iPhone caseiPhone case design by china injection molding companies

Has a thin transparent iPhone.
If you choose black iPhone 7, you can gaze at the smooth black surface, and don’t leave your mark on it.
Ultra thin clear transparent mobile phone protection shell will be your first choice, ultra-thin or clear transparent plastic injection molded parts, are technically demanding plastic products, the entire mold development process can not be 0.1% of the error, any solder joints on the mold are the products of regret, china injection molding companies dare to challenge this difficult mold production, if need to be completed in a short period of time, it is impassable challenge, but when the custom ultra-thin transparent iPhone 7 you need, we will give you behind you. To ensure a comprehensive technology, designed for thin transparent iPhone Accessories production team, we accept  new custom drawings come at any time.