Types of plastic injection molds in China

Types of chinese plastic injection molds

plastic injection molds in china

plastic injection molds in china

Plastic injection molds to create objects, injection molding plastic is forced into the mold cavity. They are often used to scale manufacturing operations, creating new products, such as toys, kitchen utensils, caps, mobile phone sets. You can use the injection mold “flash line” extra plastic around the seams discovery projects. There are four main types of commonly used plastic injection molds.

Cold runner mold

Cold runner mold, such kind of injection mold is the most common type. The gates and runner mold used for injection molding plastic in each mold cavity. However, the sprue and runner and some hardened once solidified. Workers then these works and recycling. This may cause the waste problem, which may make their economic use.

Two plate plastic injection molds

Two plate cold runner mold is so named because they are characterized by two plates together. Only a parting surface that must be located in the runner. This is the easiest cold runner mold.

Three plate plastic injection molds

Three plate cold runner mold has three, which means that there is one pair of parting planes. Three of the manifold, the movable plate and floating panels. Contains half of the gate hot runner plate and the runner-up. The injection system comprising half of the movable plate and the geometric shape of the part. The other half of the rotor included in the floating plate and geometry. The system can be located in any of the parting, and anywhere on the surface can be selected through the sheet to provide flexibility.

Hot runner mold

Hot runner mold provides a different way of plastic. As part of the runners, although a plastic syringe and cool the cold runner, the hot runner mold in the mold and stored in the temperature higher than the melting point of the plastic. This means that the gate and runner sclerosis will never have a chance. This also reduces the amount of plastic waste. However, the hot runner injection mold requires more skill and maintenance, and have a higher baseline costs. However, they tend to save materials according to their own.

Chinese Injection mold company working process

Chinese Injection mold production process
Injection mold manufacturing process and production process of other industrial products, are starting from raw materials through various processing into the whole process of the finished product. Many types of mold, its structure, purpose and requirements also vary, but their production processes also have in common, can basically be divided into five main stages: the production of technical preparation stage, the preparation stage of raw materials, parts and components processing stage, assembly and commissioning phase trial identification stage.Injection mold

1. Production of technical preparation phase:

This phase is the basis for the production of molds, injection molds for quality, cost, schedule, and management has a significant impact. Production technology stage work includes: Die overall design, preparation of component design, process technology files, develop, mold and other materials cost estimate of the fixed and fixed working hours.

2. The raw material preparation phase:

This phase should be one of the most important work for the preparation of the mold production. The raw material preparation is one of the most important work, is to prepare a variety of material reserves, because the type of injection mold, structural variety, raw materials required are very different, the blank is necessary according to the desired shape of the mold parts, process dimensions, materials, etc. to prepare , to be in the form of rough castings, forgings and under various forms material.
In addition, to complete a mold production, but also requires a lot of purchased parts and spare parts, such as fasteners, standard parts used in the assembly mold etc; factory can not produce or temporarily produce parts, such as templates, mold base and so on. In short, it is necessary, among other raw materials production molds can be processed in the factory all ready

3. Parts Processing Stage:

This stage is an important stage to ensure the accuracy of the mold, which mainly include: machining, special of surface processing and heat treatment. Machining is the use of cutting tools for metal materials processing. Is known, the mold is assembled from metal parts almost up. To get the parts comply with requirements of the drawings, the use of mechanical processing is its main tool. Therefore, the machining process is the largest.

Followed by special processing, the structure of the mold rather special. Because plastic is a three-dimensional piece, it is shaped by a combination of male and female mold cavity derived. This cavity with a surface that is difficult to deal with the general machining, even if reluctantly working out, their quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, you need to use special processing, such as EDM. Electroforming processing. These special processing methods become indispensable processing methods.

The third is the surface finish, the general requirements for plastic surfaces are high, requiring plastic surface gloss, rounded appearance, which requires corresponding cavity surface is very smooth and shinning, are generally due to the cavity surface, with usually difficult to guarantee the quality of machining, which requires specialized mold surface finish, mainly polishing, chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, pressing polishing, blasting polishing.

Fourth, heat treatment, injection mold production, all important parts to be heat-treated, and some parts have to deal with many times. Since heat is the primary means to change the properties of the metal material. As the mold is generally a single piece production, production costs a lot of money, people always want to make more use of it some time, so that the mold can require durable, and heat can be in part without changing the shape and size of the change in its internal organization and performance is important to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the parts method.

4. Assembly commissioning phase:

This phase is to assemble the various parts together and debugged. The quality of assembly work, the quality of the mold walked decisive role. Assembly is a highly technical work, even a small mistake can make a little mold not produce qualified products to.” Assembly” is generally divided into the component assembly, parts assembly and final assembly, commissioning assembled, which is to adjust the relative positions of the parts, with the gap and structural tightness and so on. This is the key step is easy to use.

5. Try to identify stage:

This stage is a good debugging mold ,mounted on the injection molding machine for trial, according to the design requirements for the operation, see the mold clamping, mold is flexible and meets the requirements, the quality of the resulting plastic article is qualified, thereby to identify whether the molds qualified. If accreditation, considered as a injection mold to complete this entire process of production

Precision Injection Mold Manufacturer Industry Development In China

In China,Precision injection mold industry development is getting better and better

injection mold manufacturer in china

Precision injection mold manufacturer

Many industry rising to the requirement of the mould, so precision injection mold manufacturer industry development gradually hot up, with the vigorous development of the electronic information industry and traditional industry informatization modification, plastic mold market prospect of a vast, global high-grade, china precision plastic injection mold manufacturer market is in short supply situation.

In recent thirty years(since 1978), China plastic injection mold manufacturing level has been improved greatly, the production of large single set weight of the plastic mould has reached more than 50 ton, the accuracy of precision plastic injection mold making has reached to 3 cm, already can produce a multi-cavity mold, plastic mold cavity encapsulation molds,7800 high speed, molding has been able to produce more than 4 m / min high-speed plastic, different materials, plastic mold and dual color injection mold cavity.

Affected by the variety of national policy and the continuous expansion of market space, automotive industry, IT industry, home appliance industry, Medical industry,packaging industry momentum very rapidly in recent years, not only has made great development in terms of capacity, but also in the aspect of the industry’s high-end has a great progress, therefore, in the industry including the three aspects has a strong injection mold manufacturing needs. Part of automobiles, IT products of plastic parts need to be all through the molding, eventually to become a finished product for sale.

With the rapid prototype mold development ,the plastic industry and general engineering plastics in such aspects as strength unceasing enhancement, the application range of the plastic products are also constantly expanding, Amount of plastic products is also rising.

Precision Machining Technological development and innovation

Precision Machining Technology Show stays true to the precision machine parts industry and with a wide variety of precision tools and technology, precision machines and parts, precision accessories and equipments and other similar products; the show has been a unique one. The show also stands apart owing to the quality and standard of display and has been drawing visitors, in large numbers. The show also looks forward to immense networking and interaction opportunities and delivers quality time and space to all

Automotive injection mold manufacturing industry

automotive injection mold making

Automotive industry drive china injection mold manufacturing

Auto injection mold is still the most widely manufacturing in china, the field of industry development is rapid, every new car invest need thousands of pair of injection molds, auto makers has formed with the closely matching mould enterprise development, research and debugging technology, production of strategic alliance. Automotive are increasingly high strength plate in order to reduce weight, also for some ultra high strength plate hot forming and the corresponding hot forming ,mold has naturally become the development trend.

Automotive Industrial  to use plastic ratio will increase and the development of new materials, including all kinds of new plastic, modified plastic, metal, plastic, magnesium alloy, composite material, and so on, this requires a new forming technology, which also requires that have adapted to the new mold. According to CNMOULDING company analyze, plastic injection molding in the future in the market, the proportion of total plastic mold in the china will gradually increase, its development speed will be higher than other mold manufacturer.

“Automotive Injection mold to elegant, requires good appearance generous, internal defects, this would require careful, precision injection mold with high quality. At present, the refinement has a big gap, refinement is often ignored by some companies, the results fell short.” Company, I think that the injection mold fast and efficient production, the injection molding enterprises try to shorten the mold production cycle time, to plastic molding the user mould as soon as possible, on the other hand is more important, the user can you provide a injection mold to production products more quickly and efficiently. Such as more than a multi-cavity mould production, laminated mold, forming time and make good use of hot runner technology to shorten the use of multilayer composite technology, mould decoration technology, highlights non-mark injection molding technology, testing technology and process of composite technology and transfer technology and so on, at the same time stamping forming process intelligent also requires intelligent mold to adapt.

Precision Injection mold market in automotive sector

Precision injection mold , we call PIM here. Along with the progress of production technology, the automobile industry also is an important application field of PIM technology. Gearbox, engine, locking mechanism, turbocharger, steering system, and various electronic systems embedded in automotive injection molded parts, are very powerful and highly complex. Automotive industry in the 2015 market, PIM has accounted for more than 21% of the market share, an increase of 10.4%。Including forecast analysis data and digital map data. The use of finely dispersed powders helps to produce a highly uniform micro structure, which helps to significantly improve the micro structure of investment casting products needed in the automotive industry. These factors significantly affect the PIM market growth

The disadvantage of hot runner

Injection mold of hot runner disadvantage 

hot runner mold

All of injection mold maker know, hot runner injection mold has many significant advantages, the injection mold user also need to understand the shortcomings of hot runner injection mold. Summed up in the following points.

1, mold rising costs

Hot runner components are more expensive than other injection mold popular accessories, hot runner injection mold costs may be substantially higher. If the production of small plastic workpiece, mold high proportion of cost sharing, do not spend the economic operator. Hot runner systems expensive plastic mold injection users of many developing countries, affecting one of the main problems of injection are widely used in hot runner.

2, hot runner mold production facility requirements

Hot runner mold require precision machining mechanical guarantee. Whole system and mold integration and coordination requirements are extremely strict, otherwise the mold there will be a lot of serious problems in the production process. Bad cause the plastic overflow damage to the hot runner components interrupt production such as mold and hot runner sealed plastic bits sealing nozzle inserts and the the gate relative position bad led to a serious decline in quality of the products ….

3, operation and maintenance of complex

Compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold operation and maintenance of up more complex than the cold runner mold. Such as the improper use of operating easily damaged hot runner parts, so that production can not be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses. New user of hot runner mold, take a long time to accumulate experience. Or manufacturing company to arrange for a technician to the site to explain the installation and removal Note! Former engineering design should pay attention to what matters, hot runner installation openings attention to what matters to mid-tooling the late injection tryout use to pay attention to what matters to mass use of hot runner system maintenance / repair Note! Personnel training … professional mold design; hot runner installation. Tryout. Maintenance. Maintenance professional consulting services

Transparent plastic part’s mould maker

mold maker china

injection mould maker                                                   Chinese Mould Maker

If you want to produce plastic clear injection molded parts with high quality,China mold manufacturing level is not only high, the price is cheap. Too many mold factory, how to find a really good company? we share some experience with you today : how to make nice transparent plastic part.

Higher transmittance, transparent plastic inevitable requirement for the surface of the plastic products strict quality requirements, and can not have any markings, pores, whitening. Fog halo, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss and other defects, and thus the entire injection molding process of the raw material, mold, and even product design, should pay great attention to strict and even special demands. Mold design should pay attention to the problem Usually in the design of the mold, you should note the following points.

  1.  The wall thickness should be uniform, and the the stripping slope be large enough;
  2.  transition section should gradually. Smooth transition and prevent any sharp corners. Sharp edges, especially pc product must not have a gap;
  3.  gate. Flow channel as much as possible large, chunky, and the location of the gate should be set according to the contraction of the condensation process, necessary, add cold slug well;
  4.  mold maker treat surface should be smooth, low roughness (preferably less than 0.8);
  5.  vent. The slots must be sufficient, and when the exhaust air and the gas in the melt;
    (B) the preparation and drying of the raw material due to plastic contains any point impurities are likely to affect the transparency of the product, and therefore, storage, transportation. Feeding process, you must pay attention to the seal, clean raw material. Raw materials containing water, heating cause material deterioration, so be sure to dry injection, feeding must use the drying hopper. Also note that the drying process, the input air should preferably by filtration, dehumidified, in order to ensure that no contamination of raw materials.

we want to hear from you also for your experience, improve our mould maker technology — A Chinese mould maker

Injection mold company cost accounting


mold making in injection mold companyprecision injection mold company process

How plastic injection mold company cost accounting

An empirical calculation method Mold Price = material cost + design fees + fees and profit + VAT + test mold fee + packing and shipping fee. The ratio is usually as follows:

The injection mold company cost of materials: materials and standard parts accounted for 15% of the total cost,  30%;Processing fees and profits: 30% -50%;Design Fee: 10% of the total cost of the injection mold company to 15%;Tryout: large and medium-sized injection mold can be controlled within 3%, and small precision injection molds is controlled within 5%;Packaging and transportation costs: according to the actual calculation or of 3%;VAT: 17%

(2) the material coefficient method . The injection mold company material cost can be calculated according to the injection mold size and material prices. Injection mold company price = (6 ~ 10) * Material fee forging dies, plastic mold = 6 * The cost of materials Die-casting mold = 10 * materials fee Injection mold company quotation estimates . A first look at customer requirements, calling for a decision on the choice of materials and heat treatment.

2,  select the good material, and a rough injection mold program map, from which to calculate the weight of the injection mold (to calculate the price of the mold core material and the mold material) and heat treatment costs. (Rough weight)

3, the processing costs, according to the complexity of the mold core, general processing costs and the mold core material prices from 1.5 to 3:1, the processing cost of the mold is generally 1:1.

4, the risk premium is 10% of the total amount above.5, tax 6, the design fee is 10% of the total amount of the mold.Bidding strategies and settlement of the mold .The purchase and settlement of the mold is a continuation of the mold valuation results. From the valuation of the mold to mold the offer, only the first step, the ultimate goal of the mold through the mold manufacturing after the delivery of settlement, the formation of the final settlement price of the mold.

Injection mold company valuation the mold

In this process, people always want the valuation of mold = mold price = mold settlement price. In practice, the four price is not exactly equal, there may be fluctuations in error. This is to be discussed below. When the valuation of the mold, the need for proper handling, finishing into a mold quotation, signed mold contract basis. Through repeated negotiations to discuss the final form of the mold price, both sides recognized the signing of the contract. To officially start the processing of the mold.A mold valuation and offer quotations and molds price After the valuation of the mold, and can not immediately directly as a quotation. In general, we must conduct a comprehensive analysis based on market conditions, customer psychology, competitors, status and other factors, the collation of appropriate valuation, an increase of 10-30% the first offer on the basis of valuation. Bargaining, can be reduced according to the actual offer. However, when the injection mold company to discuss the offer of 10% below the valuation, the need to re-mold improve and refine the estimates, in Guaranteed favorable circumstances, the signing of the mold processing contract to finalize the mold price. Mold price has been accepted by both sides and signed the contract price. At this time, the formation of injection mold company price may be higher than the valuation or lower than the valuation. Mold price is lower than the discussions of mold in this price into the need to re-propose amendments to mold requirements, conditions, and programs to reduce some of the requirements may reduce the cost of the mold, signed mold-price contract, and then re-estimate the It should be noted that the mold belong to a higher technological content of the specific products should not be cheap, even at a loss to meet the customers. But should be good quality and inexpensive, to ensure mold quality, accuracy, life the first place, rather than the price of the injection mold company a little too seriously, they are liable to be misleading action. Pursuit of mold cheap, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, accuracy, life of the mold. Cheap is not generally die industry for. However, when the mold manufacturing and product development and production of the same accounting unit, or economic interest, in this case, the purchase of the mold should be its cost price as a quotation. The valuation of the mold only to estimate the basic cost of part of the mold, and other costs, profit not to consider, be the profit of the products produced after extraction of the added value of the mold fee as compensation. But at this time offer can not be used as the price of the mold, only as a mold pre-development costs. The future, once the products successfully developed to generate profits, you should extract the added value of the mold fee, returned to the mold manufacturing units, two together, to form the price of the mold. At this time the formation of mold price may be higher than the price of the first case, the mold, and even high rates of return, which is several times of the normal mold price, ranging from several hundred times. Of course, there are the possible rate of return equal to zero. Second, the regions of the injection molding price and time differential Here should also be noted that the valuation and price of the mold in various enterprises, various regional, national; at different times, different environment, its meaning is different, that is, there are regional differences and the time difference. Why would the price difference, this is because: the one hand, enterprises, regional, national  injection molds manufacturing conditions are not the same, equipment, technology, technology, personnel concepts, consumer standards in all aspects of the different, resulting in the cost of the mold, profit targets, estimates vary, resulting in a different mold price difference. Generally more developed areas, or high technology, and equipment into the more advanced, more standardized, large-scale mold enterprise, their goal is high quality and high prices, while in some areas with low level of consumption, or low-tech, equipment and less on small and medium-sized mold enterprise, the relative mold prices estimated to be lower. On the other hand, the mold price there is still time difference, namely, aging poor. Different times, resulting in a different mold price. This limitation difference has two aspects: First, a pair of injection molds have different prices at different times; two different mold manufacturing cycle, and its price is also different.

Plastic Injection Mold Practical application examples

About Plastic Injection Mold Practical application examples 

 plastic injection mold maker

plastic injection mold maker

plastic injection molded parts

plastic injection molded parts

          It is mainly the production of thermoplastic products the most common kind of mold, plastic injection mold processing equipment for the plastics injection molding machine, plastic melt first heat in the heated barrel of the end of the injection machine, and then injection molding machine into the mold cavity under the impetus of a screw or a plunger, the injection machine nozzle and mold casting system, plastic cooling hardening molding, mold release to get the products. Its structure is usually molded parts, casting systems, parts-oriented components, the introduction of institutions, thermostat systems, exhaust systems, and support components. Manufacturing materials commonly used plastic injection mold steel modules, commonly used material is mainly carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel. Injection molding process usually applies only to the varieties of products, production of thermoplastic injection molding process to produce plastic products is very extensive, from the daily necessities of life to all kinds of complex mechanical, electrical, transport parts are injection molding, it is the most widely used in the production of plastics processing methods.

Clean your plastic injection mold every week.

Sales of cnmoulding in large and medium-sized plastic injection mold ,with high precision inspection and cleaning overmolding mold and hot runner mould system . In this action, part is loaded into a basket, put in a cleaning tank, evaporation and burning off the remaining organic matter without damage or deformation of work piece. General manager Kenny said from the mold removal plastics and pollutants, injection molded products to reduce the time, improve efficiency. Once the part to be cleaned, the water heater and thermocouple can test, necessary repair or replacement.

Plastic injection mold will excute the project management system every times

Before our start a new injection mold project, we will appoint a project manager, he will be in the charge of this project from mold design to shipping, even the after sales service, project manager are required to offer technology support and solution.

Before shipping, our inspection dept, will arrange plastic mold testing again, make certification for mold and testing samples, and also make mold operation manual which include mold details description and operation points with the attachment of injection data
when testing the mold. All the thing we have done is make sure that the plastic molds to customer’s factory can put into production soon. With the mind of how to make a good plastic mould for our customers, Cnmoulding never stop keeping quality controlling and improving.