Chinese Injection mold company working process

Chinese Injection mold production process
Injection mold manufacturing process and production process of other industrial products, are starting from raw materials through various processing into the whole process of the finished product. Many types of mold, its structure, purpose and requirements also vary, but their production processes also have in common, can basically be divided into five main stages: the production of technical preparation stage, the preparation stage of raw materials, parts and components processing stage, assembly and commissioning phase trial identification stage.Injection mold

1. Production of technical preparation phase:

This phase is the basis for the production of molds, injection molds for quality, cost, schedule, and management has a significant impact. Production technology stage work includes: Die overall design, preparation of component design, process technology files, develop, mold and other materials cost estimate of the fixed and fixed working hours.

2. The raw material preparation phase:

This phase should be one of the most important work for the preparation of the mold production. The raw material preparation is one of the most important work, is to prepare a variety of material reserves, because the type of injection mold, structural variety, raw materials required are very different, the blank is necessary according to the desired shape of the mold parts, process dimensions, materials, etc. to prepare , to be in the form of rough castings, forgings and under various forms material.
In addition, to complete a mold production, but also requires a lot of purchased parts and spare parts, such as fasteners, standard parts used in the assembly mold etc; factory can not produce or temporarily produce parts, such as templates, mold base and so on. In short, it is necessary, among other raw materials production molds can be processed in the factory all ready

3. Parts Processing Stage:

This stage is an important stage to ensure the accuracy of the mold, which mainly include: machining, special of surface processing and heat treatment. Machining is the use of cutting tools for metal materials processing. Is known, the mold is assembled from metal parts almost up. To get the parts comply with requirements of the drawings, the use of mechanical processing is its main tool. Therefore, the machining process is the largest.

Followed by special processing, the structure of the mold rather special. Because plastic is a three-dimensional piece, it is shaped by a combination of male and female mold cavity derived. This cavity with a surface that is difficult to deal with the general machining, even if reluctantly working out, their quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, you need to use special processing, such as EDM. Electroforming processing. These special processing methods become indispensable processing methods.

The third is the surface finish, the general requirements for plastic surfaces are high, requiring plastic surface gloss, rounded appearance, which requires corresponding cavity surface is very smooth and shinning, are generally due to the cavity surface, with usually difficult to guarantee the quality of machining, which requires specialized mold surface finish, mainly polishing, chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, pressing polishing, blasting polishing.

Fourth, heat treatment, injection mold production, all important parts to be heat-treated, and some parts have to deal with many times. Since heat is the primary means to change the properties of the metal material. As the mold is generally a single piece production, production costs a lot of money, people always want to make more use of it some time, so that the mold can require durable, and heat can be in part without changing the shape and size of the change in its internal organization and performance is important to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the parts method.

4. Assembly commissioning phase:

This phase is to assemble the various parts together and debugged. The quality of assembly work, the quality of the mold walked decisive role. Assembly is a highly technical work, even a small mistake can make a little mold not produce qualified products to.” Assembly” is generally divided into the component assembly, parts assembly and final assembly, commissioning assembled, which is to adjust the relative positions of the parts, with the gap and structural tightness and so on. This is the key step is easy to use.

5. Try to identify stage:

This stage is a good debugging mold ,mounted on the injection molding machine for trial, according to the design requirements for the operation, see the mold clamping, mold is flexible and meets the requirements, the quality of the resulting plastic article is qualified, thereby to identify whether the molds qualified. If accreditation, considered as a injection mold to complete this entire process of production

China injection mold face greatest potential crisis

China Injection mold face greatest potential crisis

china injection mold crisisCnmoulding engaged in injection molds and plastic injection molding products for 20 years,But in addition to the outstanding technical, a strong sense of the crisis is also necessary. The past two days , chat with a 12-years friendship customer, he came from the Netherlands. He told me that because of increasing labor costs in China, Now sourcing product from China is very expensive. I have always thought that although the relationship between Japan and Philippines is very good now, but china injection mold company have not many trade relations with these countries.
, because my client basically from Europe and the Americas, but now it seems that this idea is wrong. Because a large number of Japanese companies continue to move to the Philippines, Vietnam, there are political and economic reasons, my client’s customers is the large Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba.  Due to the technical content of china injection mold comapny has been very mature, will not be easy to be replaced by the company in Southeast Asia., but this is only temporary, such as the Philippines, they have the communication skills, very cheap labor costs will become increasingly powerful competitiveness . Today I read an article about the crisis in the manufacturing sector in China, I agree this point very much, I have felt, and I believe it will snowball, I hope our new leaders play the greatest wisdom, deal with it all.I can not predict what will happen, but we can only work harder, do better plastic mold and injection molding products—see our hard job now

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Attractive is decline 

Because of rising costs in China, China injection mold company attractiveness is declining. Consumer goods manufacturing industry are turning to Southeast Asia, while the industrial manufacturing back to the U.S.. However, the loss of manufacturing, the closing of the market. Production base into a the star market new story has just begun.
A hovering four years of rumors will become a reality at the end of October: Adidas will close last company  in Suzhou, Jiangsu affiliated factory. Adidas also informed the other 10 foundries, OEM will continue to terminate the contract. Adidas’s strategy for global resources to re integrate into the broad interpretation, its old rival Nike, in order to pursue low-cost production base moved out of China, more manufacturers will follow.
. In addition to the clothes, shoes manufacturers began to leave, in the field of industrial manufacturing, China is also unattractive, while the United States has become the new destination of these investments. General Electric in the 2011 Annual Report, make home appliances production line to the United States to withdraw from China and Mexico; Ford will invest $ 16 billion in the United States increased factories and production lines; the world’s largest manufacturer of excavators and bulldozers Caterpillar 2011 Texas, USA to invest $ 120 million to create a new manufacturing plant; player Google’s new “Nexus Q” also U.S. production.