Speed Up Your Development Cycle and Save cost 30%

It is true to use a unique plastic injection moulding company from Shanghai, China!

You can not imagine the situation, than you are in your own domestic procurement is faster and more reliable. In practice with 20 years of export, we have professional English translation ability, there will be no language barrier, you will get almost immediately to the problem or problems in response to rapid tooling is product development you need only a few days, the development of new projects will be faster, more reliable, you won’t have to worry about quality or copyright issues.

You will get our offer of quick interactive quote service, speed is the key factor in the success of the market to get the project, there is no excuse to the customer, you need to wait a few days to get a quote. Make sure your preferred mold supplier can take your offer in a day.Even if you haven’t finished drink your coffee, the offer is in your hands.

We have some tips to help you easily achieve, to help reduce your development costs 30%, to provide you with the development speed up to 50%, due to the traditional manufacturing industry.

Make use of the manufacturing analysisuniqueness injection moulding system is the correct manufacturing process for your project, you can quickly solve the problems in your area, speed up the production process, the quality will be as expected and negotiated..

One time free re-design -We know that some of the complex parts are designed to communicate through interaction with the engineer. If it can be molded plastic, we can do it. If it can be changed, we can help you to update the design , unlike some of the plastic injection moulding part manufacturer , we will not ask you to redesign your part, and more work to be done by us.