The Internet provides custom mold making service as a demonstration version

The Internet provides service of custom mold making, cnmoulding can be used as a demonstration version.

Companies to provide plastic molding services in various industries, such as automotive, medical, transparent products, we use the Internet and customers around the world to keep in touch.

Rely on the production base in China, in the use of the latest technology to develop and provide customers with plastic mold manufacturing around the world.
According to customer specifications custom mold making , because of  use the Internet to reduce time and cost for mold manufacturing design and engineering.
Through the Internet e-mail to send drawings, SKYPE for online communication, to provide customers with a complete set of plastic injection services.

Efficient work system

After receipt of the drawings, tooling department submit offer within 12 hours for the project, and the tooling engineer received from customers of the purchase order, to provide 3D mould design drawings within  2-3 days, mold flow analysis, and according to customer needs the file format by e-mail to them.
Once the drawing is approved by the customer, they begin to make the mold.
When the customer approves the plastic molded sample, according to the customer’s request, the mold will send to the port of the world.
Because of the popularity of the Internet, the work is just as easy as you work with door neighbor.
The company’s owner Kennyhan revealed that this whole process from the mold development and final delivery has become the standard production process for the export of the mold industry in China.

Internet based mold development is faster, strictly comply with the customer’s account, to provide qualified injection molding products on time to reach the customers hand, there is no one minute delay.
Strict drawings and sample approval process to ensure the delivery of plastic products in full compliance with customer requirements.
In addition, we also provide a complete freight forwarding, either by sea or by air, express delivery services will be delivered to our products in any place in the world.

All kinds of supporting logistics support work

Cnmoulding molding maintains a systematic and transparent program that enables customers to control the quality, cost and production cycle of the product.
Faster approval process will be faster plastic mold design and manufacturing with guarantee.
The company has a wealth of injection mold design experience, to provide customers with the product re-design, can significantly reduce the cost and cycle of mold manufacturing.
This is the cause of every industrial customer can rely on our production technology and product quality.
Using the Internet, Cnmoulding as an industry standard, and constantly provide convenience and a simple way to get customized tooling manufacturing for customers from all over the world