World trade association data show china not simple workshop in plastics industry

China vs Us in plastics industry

China is not simple workshop of plastics industry in the world

If you come to Shanghai, and stay for a long time, your feeling is, America has to face the challenge from China, China is not the simple production workshop in the world. Companies such as Apple, China has become a part of the manufacturing chain, people around the world to order Apple products that produced in China. Chinese picture in the plastics industry is more beautiful. The moment of a news, Chinese stock Corporation, home appliance maker Haier Group acquired general electrical appliances, home appliances with Manufacturing plants and 12000 employees. Haier group’s strategy and strategic thinking direction in short, it is like any large multinational manufacturing company. At the same time, due to the problem of the exchange rate, a large number of Chinese companies are all over the world acquisition, which and the plastic injection molding industry related news, plastic chemical acquisition of German plastics machinery giant Krauss Maffei group. Since 2000, China has been the world’s largest injection molds and plastic products market, not only is the price, China also has some of the best technologies. Therefore, from this point of view, the role of Chinese injection mold, has not made at least the profit of the industry supply chain link.

Western people  view of china plastics industry

Western people generally have a point of view. China is still a challenge, but also often want to write their own rules, and do not comply with the rules of the past, like the United States Wild West, for example, in intellectual property, especially for smaller manufacturing companies. Not long ago, American mold equipment supplier progress components company, submitted a complaint against China local company selling fake products. Presidential Gelunsidake progress components of a company’s estimate, the company 80 percent of the products and the company’s name. In China all is fake. Despite the many aspects of the reform in China, in the aspects of intellectual property rights, China has not made sufficient progress, so they are worried that China’s reform can not continue. But the Chinese plastics industry market is full of temptation, no one is willing to give up this market. Snap this market, which for most global company seems to have enough.

We to the data speak,  Last year, the German plastics industry and rubber machinery industry to the United States and China issued the same number of machinery and equipment ($7 billion to 8 billion dollar value). Germany is the world’s largest plastics industry machinery exporter, for the United States, China is the largest export market. According to reports, China’s domestic plastics industry market is about 8 billion usd annual, compared to the United States market, According to industry experts estimate that the value is only half of it. The size of China’s plastics industry market will naturally create ,some of the very global competitiveness of the company. They have hone their teeth in the domestic, and now they began to take risks. China’s injection mold is still full of vitality in the world in plastics industry market. Last year, China’s demand for plastic has increased by ten percent. Now a popular saying, to bring manufacturing back to the United States, some argue that some of the manufacturing sector is leaving China to other low-cost countries. But no matter how much reflux really happened, China is still a strong force in the plastic injection molding industry. At the same time, Louisville, Kentucky, Ge appliances factory headquarters is mentioned in many media reports data shows an example because it increases the thousands of jobs. Haier Group will own the company. This is still a good example, the return of the United States makes this China’s injection molding plant in the United States to become the largest injection plant It is speculated that these investments Haier group, not only to boost the U.S. economy, but also to revitalize China’s plastics manufacturing industry recovery. This shows that the global manufacturing complex relationships, mutual win reciprocity, which is today news to share with you.