The disadvantage of hot runner

Injection mold of hot runner disadvantage 

hot runner mold

All of injection mold maker know, hot runner injection mold has many significant advantages, the injection mold user also need to understand the shortcomings of hot runner injection mold. Summed up in the following points.

1, mold rising costs

Hot runner components are more expensive than other injection mold popular accessories, hot runner injection mold costs may be substantially higher. If the production of small plastic workpiece, mold high proportion of cost sharing, do not spend the economic operator. Hot runner systems expensive plastic mold injection users of many developing countries, affecting one of the main problems of injection are widely used in hot runner.

2, hot runner mold production facility requirements

Hot runner mold require precision machining mechanical guarantee. Whole system and mold integration and coordination requirements are extremely strict, otherwise the mold there will be a lot of serious problems in the production process. Bad cause the plastic overflow damage to the hot runner components interrupt production such as mold and hot runner sealed plastic bits sealing nozzle inserts and the the gate relative position bad led to a serious decline in quality of the products ….

3, operation and maintenance of complex

Compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold operation and maintenance of up more complex than the cold runner mold. Such as the improper use of operating easily damaged hot runner parts, so that production can not be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses. New user of hot runner mold, take a long time to accumulate experience. Or manufacturing company to arrange for a technician to the site to explain the installation and removal Note! Former engineering design should pay attention to what matters, hot runner installation openings attention to what matters to mid-tooling the late injection tryout use to pay attention to what matters to mass use of hot runner system maintenance / repair Note! Personnel training … professional mold design; hot runner installation. Tryout. Maintenance. Maintenance professional consulting services